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KNOWLES: The Joe Biden Scandal The Media Is Covering Up

On Thursday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show,” the host discusses that while Democrats are coming after former Vice President Joe Biden over inappropriate touching allegations, there is a far worse scandal in the veteran lawmaker’s background. Transcript and video below.

The one thing you can’t get Joe Biden on as far as we know is sexual misconduct. He’d probably be in a better space if you could. Teddy Kennedy let his mistress drown in a car. Bob Menendez almost certainly had sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, and federal prosecutors certainly think he did. We caught Bill Clinton and he survived impeachment. Joe Biden is sort of the exception here in that he actually isn’t sexually improper.

The thing to go after Joe Biden for is that he’s a total hack. He is the most disingenuous unctuous politician in the country who will say anything to win a vote, because he’s so desperate to appeal to every single person, that he’s going to nuzzle them with his nose and give them butterfly kisses. Frankly, the one way that I could see this fake scandal redounding to Joe Biden’s benefit is that it seems to be covering up in the media the actual scandal that he’s involved in, the actual impropriety that he’s involved in, which is basically that he bullied Ukraine into paying his son millions of dollars. Oh, you haven’t heard about this? I’m not surprised because no mainstream media outlets are covering it. This is the real scandal that Joe Biden is hiding right now.

Joe Biden’s younger son Hunter received millions of dollars from a Ukrainian energy company called Burisma Holdings, while his father was vice president. While his father was the main U.S. official dealing with Ukrainian affairs, and while Joe Biden was funneling $1.8 billion to Ukraine. Coincidentally, while Joe Biden was funneling all of that money to Ukraine, his son Hunter received millions of dollars. He receives regular monthly payments of one hundred sixty-six thousand dollars per month from Burisma.

Why is that? Is it because Hunter Biden is some expert on Ukrainian U.S. relations? No. Is it because Hunter Biden is an expert on Russian Ukrainian relations? No. Is it because Hunter Biden is an expert on energy policy? No. He got the money as a payoff crony deal because his father was threatening to withhold money from the Ukraine, until he got this sweetheart deal. Joe Biden actually basically bragged about this at the Council on Foreign Relations in December of 2015.

This is a real scandal. This is real corruption. This is a real reason that Joe Biden should not be president, also it’s collusion. I guess it’s Ukrainian collusion or is it Russian collusion – I don’t know but it is collusion, and that’s a real reason. Demagoguing and race hustling and saying that Mitt Romney wants to put black people back in chains – that’s a reason that he shouldn’t be president. The fact that he’s a plagiarist which is why he had to drop out of the 1988 presidential race – that’s a reason that he shouldn’t be president. And the issue with the plagiarism being that Joe Biden is an empty suit he’s a walking grin. He’s a walking butterfly kiss. That’s all he is. All good reasons to prevent Joe Biden from being president.

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