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KNOWLES: Alyssa Milano Exposes The Greatest Trick Feminism Played On Women

On Monday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show,” the host discusses the absurd logic behind actress Alyssa Milano’s sex strike and how far-left feminism, as a whole, has cheated women. Partial transcript and video below.

This leads to my favorite irony of the whole thing, which is that sexually liberated women are now admitting that men like sex more than women. The Alyssa Milanos of the world, the people who support the sexual revolution, abortion, all those sorts of things, they are now admitting that really men prefer sex and women maybe they like sex, but they don’t like it as much as men. Sex, they say, is primarily about men’s pleasure. That’s the thesis of the sexual revolution types. They wouldn’t admit that in those words because traditionally sex is primarily about making babies. A euphemism for sex is “hey you two gonna go over there make some babies.”

That’s traditionally but now what the abortion activists are saying is, “No, sex is not primarily about making babies, and we can totally stop making babies and if you accidentally do make a baby, we’ll kill the baby.” But if it’s not primarily about making babies then what is it? Is it primarily about women’s pleasure? No. If sex were primarily about women’s pleasure then Alyssa Milano wouldn’t propose a sex strike to compel men to change the law. The only reason the sex strike should work is because men really, really like sex and women don’t like sex that much. So now you’ve got the Left, the sexual revolution types, admitting that sex is primarily about men’s pleasure. Which by the way, in this day and age, is obviously the case. If you talk to any guy after he’s had a couple of drinks no matter if he’s a liberal guy or a so-called feminist guy or a regular normal guy, they will all point this out.

This is the greatest trick that feminism has ever played on women is convincing women to give men limitless sexual gratification with absolutely no accountability, no responsibility whatsoever, and then convincing themselves that they are the ones benefiting. So, women will say, I’ve actually heard this before, “I’m going to go out and I’m going to pick up a guy tonight and we’re just gonna have casual sex and it’s not going to mean anything.”

Women have convinced themselves of this because feminists want to convince women that women react to sex in exactly the same way men do. And I think a lot of the reason why some left-wing women are upset with Alyssa Milano right now is she’s giving away the game. She’s admitting no men want sex more than women do. Men like sex physically more than women do.

That’s why this idea of a sex strike has existed since the earliest days of our history. It’s why the classic example of this is a play from ancient Greece and it has persisted over time.

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