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KNOWLES: AOC’s Inappropriate Response To Chabad Shooting

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On Monday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show,” the host responds to freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) using the Poway Synagogue to push her own gun control agenda. Transcript and video below.

So [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] tweets out, right after this happens, quote “heartbroken to hear of the San Diego synagogue shooting particularly so on this final day of Passover. We have a responsibility to love and protect our neighbors. The longer the Senate delays holding a vote on H.R. 8 the more we put Americans at risk.”

“Heartbroken to hear about this. We should protect our neighbors.” If you don’t vote for the very specific gun control legislation that I want you to vote for, you are basically responsible for shooting up a synagogue — that’s an inappropriate way to respond to a tragedy — inappropriate way to respond to a shooting in part because it’s just not true.

H.R. 8 is some more gun control legislation to expand background checks. No evidence whatsoever that this would have prevented this shooter from getting a gun. No evidence whatsoever that this would have prevented any of the other mass shootings that we have seen in recent years.

So, we ask ourselves, “How could we have prevented this shooting? How could we have stopped this, more gun control?” No. There is no evidence that any major gun control law that’s been proposed would have stopped any of these things. How about if law enforcement had somehow caught this guy earlier? I guess that would have stopped it, but how would they have caught the guy? The guy who did it had no prior contact with law enforcement…Maybe if we were able to catch mental illnesses earlier. Again, there’s no evidence this guy has a mental illness.

When you read that manifesto, it’s perverse, but it’s not insane. It’s a perverse ideology that he’s following down to its own logical conclusions. But it’s not the ravings of a lunatic. It’s the ravings of a bigot who’s filled with hatred who becomes violent. None of those precautions would have prevented this shooting or any other one of them.

Fortunately, the shooting was prevented from becoming much, much worse. One person dead. It’s a tragedy, it’s less tragic than had the entire congregation been killed. How was that prevented? Providence and preparedness. A gun jamming at exactly the right time and a guy who was carrying a gun. The greatest, most obvious evidence that gun control would not have prevented the shooting.

More gun control may have made the shooting a lot worse. What it all boils down to is it’s hard for us to accept that evil exists. How odd of God, how odd of God that in this creation of ours there is evil and suffering and it’s not just evil and suffering for people who make bad decisions. It’s evil and suffering for innocent people. One of the people who was shot at this synagogue was a little girl, she was shot in the leg and she was eight years old. This 60-year-old woman gave her life to save her rabbi, totally innocent. Another man — that little girl’s uncle — shot, innocent.

Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does a little kid get leukemia? How odd of God. How do we accept tragedy? We can’t have a coherent cultural conversation about this. We can’t have a coherent cultural conversation because we cannot have a coherent religious conversation. It’s not just that there are attacks on synagogues.

There was the attack on the mosque in New Zealand. Obviously, there have been countless attacks and desecration of churches throughout France and throughout the West. There was another attack that just occurred on a Protestant church in Africa. Five people killed including the pastor of that church. There is an attack broadly on religion, and it’s really too bad because the only way that we can understand this tragedy is religion.

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