KLAVAN: What The Democrats Don’t Know Will Hurt Them

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) speaks to the media after attending a closed door meeting where former US Special Envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker was being interviewed at the U.S. Capitol October 03, 2019 in Washington, DC. Volker is the first official to testify on the whistleblowers charges that President Donald Trump tried to pressure Ukraine to investigate his Democratic rival Joe Biden. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

From the moment this ridiculous Ukraine story began, I have called it the Wile E. Coyote scandal: yet another gizmo from the Acme Impeachment Company designed to catch President Roadrunner and destined to blow up in the Democrats’ faces instead. As I write this, I feel that has become a description of painfully exquisite precision — because it seems to me the Democrats have reached the end of the road, run off the cliff, and will hang there in mid-air until they look down and fall into the oblivion they so deserve.

No matter how hard the networks, The New York Times and CNN try to sell this piece o’ garbage, it still looks the same way: like a sinister ploy by corrupt members of the intelligence community and their willing media executioners, an attempt to distract us from upcoming revelations about Obama’s anti-Trump spying campaign and discredit those who are investigating it.

But the Ukraine story has collapsed and, like mid-air Wile E. Coyote, the Left doesn’t know it yet. The central charge — that the president withheld aid from Ukraine to pressure them into investigating Joe Biden’s son in order to scuttle his campaign — makes no sense. Reports in the New York Times and Buzzfeed that the Ukrainians weren’t aware the aid had been delayed makes the story implausible. And the revelation that McCarthyite Trump foe Adam Schiff had contact with the whistleblower who ratted Trump out makes the whole thing look like the political hit job it almost surely is. (The indispensable Kimberly Strassel has a revealing timeline in her Friday Wall Street Journal column showing how Schiff manipulated information as Dianne Feinstein did with the Kavanaugh smear.)

The press is as clueless as their pet Democrats. Trapped inside their own echo chamber, they don’t know how ridiculous they sound to the rest of us. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin actually interviewed former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe in a weird attempt to debunk charges against McCabe’s FBI. Remember, these are the guys who seem to have engineered spy games against Trump on the basis of Russian disinformation paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

“You were one of the top officials who made sure the Russia investigation was opened. You were at the top levels,” said Brooke — as if that made him an expert instead of a possible perp.

And McCabe — fired after coming under federal investigation for allegedly lying about press leaks — was shocked — shocked — to find that anyone could be suspicious of him. “The circumstances behind the opening of the Russia case are not a mystery. I have testified under oath about them as early as December of 2017. Jim Comey has made comments about them publicly. I have. We’ve both written books that touched on the issues.”

So the suspect says he’s innocent and his alleged co-conspirator agrees — how could anyone possibly continue to suspect him?!

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace has the excuse of being on an openly left-wing outlet — but still. She brought on former CIA Director John Brennan, another of the alleged engineers of the anti-Trump plot. Wallace asked him if he could see any reason why he should be investigated.

Brennan was baffled! He then maundered on, Brennan-like, about how Trump was trying to discredit the investigation into Russian election interference. But that, in itself, is dishonest. Trump isn’t trying to discredit that. He’s trying to find out why he, a Republican candidate, was spied on by a Democrat administration. Seems like a pretty good question to me.

The truth will out, even as much of the press corps conspires to keep that truth from being revealed or believed. Meanwhile, the Democrats hover in mid-air as if they’re still on the road to victory.

But they can’t avoid looking down forever.