KLAVAN: Trump’s Agenda Has Changed Lives For The Better


On Thursday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” the host breaks down President Donald Trump’s accomplishments while he has been in the White House. As the Left and NeverTrumpers on the Right criticize him, Klavan explains that his agenda has been positive for the American people. Transcript and video below.

Everything has a price. Everything you do, every choice you make, you pay a price for it. I have lived a certain kind of life, I will tell you, I am more or less proud of the life I have lived. If I ever slept at night, it would help me sleep at night. I have spoken my mind. I have said what I’ve had to say. And I have paid a price. I mean, I have talked about this, I can barely get arrested in Hollywood, that cost me a lot of money. My books, it’s very hard to sell books overseas now. Because of the political correctness that’s rampant over there. You know, I have paid a price.

But on the other hand, I know the guys who didn’t speak their mind. I know the guys who kind of looked at their shoes and said: “oh, I don’t want to say anything, it’s going to cost me”. They still have jobs in Hollywood, I look in their eyes and I know they’ve paid a price too. Some prices you can see, some prices you can’t see. But every decision you make is a price. Voting for Donald Trump was one of the easiest decisions I ever made and one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Because it was clear to me that he was the better choice of the people we had for president. He has been a much better president than I feared. He might be a very good president, but he does stuff that hurts him and hurts us. He’s not, you know– he’s got some kind of mental glitch.

Sometimes it’s political. He’s always got his political instincts cooking but you know I said before that when the midterms happened, he kind of got it. He pulled back a little bit and I said at the time I don’t think he is going to be able to keep that going because of his personality traits. I think that is happening right this minute. You know, the guy has been a good president.

A lot of Never-Trumpers say all of his achievements are temporary. “Sure, he lowered taxes, but the Democrats will come in and put the taxes back”. “Yeah he cut regulations, but he didn’t get rid of the regulatory agencies, so they’ll just put the regulations right back”. You know, whatever it is, “Yes they are going to stack the Supreme Court” whatever it is they say he’s temporary. A lot of the same people who told me his achievements are temporary told me that Obama’s non-achievements were going to last, and I said they wouldn’t because they were all executive orders. The one thing is it’s not temporary when you free Yazidi women from sexual slavery. That’s not temporary that’s permanent. When they get out and when they are freed of sexual slavery of these horrible, horrible Islamists who took over this huge section of the Middle East in the person of ISIS, that’s permanent.

When a guy gets a job, I was just out in Pennsylvania where so many of the coal mines and the steel mills closed and so many people were put out of work and so many families were disturbed. And all of that addiction happens because men, especially, are unemployed. Now the frackers are there and people are coming back, and the jobs are coming back. Trump has done a lot of this. That stuff, when you give a man his dignity back and you give him his employment back and you give him his pride back and he is going to sit with his family and know he is supporting his family, that isn’t temporary.

You know, they talk about economics, they talk about bubbles. “Oh well, it’s just a bubble”. If a bubble lasts for a long period of time because life is short and if a bubble lasts for 25 years or 30 years a man can have an entire career. He can build up a savings and build up a retirement fund in that time, that’s not temporary. That’s not a bubble. Nothing lasts forever, so some of the stuff that Trump has done has been incredibly important. When you are sitting in a think tank and you are thinking about the abstract future of the nation. And you’re thinking but “yes when Trump is gone this will happen and that will happen” Ok, I get that. That’s fair, but it doesn’t have to do with the lives that he has changed for the better. That is a real thing, and these are people who were forgotten by both the intellectuals on the right and the globalists elitist on the Left.

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