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KLAVAN: Trump Is Not Causing A Constitutional Crisis

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On Thursday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” the host debunks the Left’s narrative that the United States is in a “constitutional crisis” thanks to President Donald Trump. Partial transcript and video below.

This is the problem again, it is not the people, obviously. I’m a Conservative because I think my ideas work better. I think freedom works better. And I think freedom is important. I mean like Myron was saying, this is a new thing on the face of the Earth. The stuff that the Democrats are selling, it’s an old thing. When Woodrow Wilson came and called himself a Progressive and said, “Now we need the experts running things,” that’s not progress, that’s regress, that is going back into the past. And I think that the freedom of the people, the freedom that gives you dignity, it means that you got to figure things out, it means you got to take responsibility, it means you got to pick yourself up when you fail.

It also means that you’ve got to depend on your neighbors, and your neighbors have to form communities and they have to be communities that will turn to you, and churches that will help you. That’s why all of the founders said this is a constitution for a religious people because they knew we needed community, we needed faith, we needed the ideas that come out of Christianity and come from Jesus of loving our neighbors and taking care of the least. And all the Left tries to do is sell you the idea that we are in a crisis. Donald Trump is this evildoer. It’s a crisis, everything is a crisis.

I talked about it last week, this constitutional crisis, that’s completely made up. It’s amazing, once the Left started to say it, the press, I mean it’s always about the press, the press starts to sell it to you big time. Daniel Henninger at the Wall Street Journal has an op-ed today, or his column today, where he says now they’re starting to call Trump a dictator and they’re talking about a constitutional crisis. And he asks the question when have the Democrats ever talked about limited government. They never talk about checks and balances. He says they’re weeping crocodile tears for checks and balances.

They’re trying to hide from public view unprecedented ideological differences between the Trump presidency and the ascendant progressive addition of the Democratic Party. The ideological divide is between a government of limited power, which Mr. Trump represents, and a government with wide coercive power represented by Jerry Nadler and now AOC, and Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, and all the rest.

This is the thing. I think there are ways to live that will make you happier than other ways, but I do not want to control the way you live. I understand that people get pregnant when they don’t want to be pregnant. I understand that people need help and they fall down and their communities collapse. I think when the government comes in to help you solve those problems, it is actually taking things away from you. Federal government, not the local government. The local government can often be very helpful. State governments can be very helpful. To run the world the way you want it to be run in your locality is what we are looking for.

And I just think that these leaders on the Left are serving a very, very small percentage of their party, including Joe Biden. I think they’re serving a very small percentage of their party, not the people that I meet that are working so hard and making so many sacrifices. Those people I think are served by freedom, by independence, by keeping their money in their pockets and letting other people keep their money in their pockets. I do not think they’re served by government charity which is actually government slavery.

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