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KLAVAN: The Three Bernie Sanders Scandals

By  Andrew Klavan
Senator Bernie Sanders, I-VT, speaks after the Senate voted to withdraw support for Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen, in the Senate TV studio at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on December 13, 2018.
MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

While Democrats tried their best this week to give life to the make-believe scandal of President Trump doing something or other, an actual real-life scandal broke out in the presidential campaign of a Democratic front-runner. Not just one scandal; three.

The gadflies of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas have released jaw-dropping secret camera footage of two of Bernie Sanders’ field organizers.

The first organizer, Kyle Jurek, tells a PV Journalist that Trump supporters will probably have to be re-educated like Nazis after World War II. That, he says, is what Bernie’s offer of free education is all about – to “teach you not to be a… Nazi.” He goes on to say that this is why Stalin created the Gulags, which “were a lot better than what the CIA has told us.” On the other hand, if Trump is re-elected, he says, “cities will burn.”

The second organizer, Martin Weissgerber, also fantasizes about taking up arms against his country. He also dreams of sending Republicans to gulag-style re-education camps. He jokes about how Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham will react to being brutalized. Referring to Graham, he makes a limp wrist gesture, a classic anti-gay slur. Like Jurek, Weissgerber feels the Soviet Union and its gulags got a bad rap. He learned in college that the U.S.S.R. was “the most progressive place to date” for women’s rights. He hopes that President Bernie will forgo Constitutional norms and just issue decrees concerning the environment.

To understand the depth of this scandal, one only has to imagine Trump campaign workers caught declaring that the Nazis weren’t so bad. Not only Trump but every Republican within a five hundred mile radius would be asked whether they disavowed the organizer’s words.

And the difference is: Trump is clearly not a Nazi. You can tell he’s not a Nazi because the people who call him a Nazi don’t get arrested; they just get contributor gigs on CNN. You can tell he’s not a Nazi because his policies have done more in three years for blacks and other minorities than Barack Obama’s policies did in eight. And you can tell he’s not a Nazi because they name streets after him in Israel where Nazis tend to be held in low esteem. So a Nazi employee of Trump would not be representative of his boss.

But representative is exactly what the Sanders field organizers are. Their boss is indeed a Communist, despite his occasional weak-sauce claims to the contrary. He honeymooned in the Soviet Union and voiced praise for murderous thugs Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega. He signed a letter of support for Hugo Chavez and has refused to call dictator Nicholas Maduro a dictator. (Maduro has endorsed his “revolutionary friend” Bernie.)

When a Project Veritas reporter approached the Sanders campaign in South Carolina and asked them to comment on the Weissgerber videos, the campaign called the police. An officer arrived and told the journalist the campaign had no comment. “They wish [Weissgerber] hadn’t said that but they’re standing by him,” the officer explained. They did not disavow the comments.

Sanders is surging in the polls. One recent national poll has him in the lead and another shows him ahead of Joe Biden in New Hampshire, where Sanders won big in 2016.

This alone would make the Project Veritas videos a major scandal. But in fact, as I said, they are three scandals in one. The first scandal is that the Sanders campaign employs violent-minded Communists, and they may well represent their candidate. The second scandal is that no mainstream outlet is covering the first scandal. They themselves are so corrupted by leftist ideas, they just don’t see it.

And the third scandal, which may be the biggest scandal of all, is that young voters love Sanders. He won a larger percentage of the youth vote in 2016 than Trump and Hillary Clinton combined, and if he has fewer young people in his camp this time out, it’s because so many of the other Democrat candidates have imitated his socialist policies in hopes of winning the future.

This means the leftist professors who taught Weissgerber that the Soviet slave empire and its gulags were not so bad after all are not anomalous but typical. Our universities are spreading lies in order to teach our children to vote themselves into slavery.

The Democrats condemned Donald Trump for 24 straight hours on the Senate floor this week. Not once did they mention any action by Trump that endangered our freedoms.

A Communist surging in the polls. A media that turns a blind eye. Universities spreading Soviet lies. These are scandals that threaten us all.

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