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KLAVAN: Take A Look At The New Hollywood Blacklist

On Monday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” the host discusses Alyssa Milano’s attempt to bully the state of Georgia into canceling a Pro-Life bill. Transcript and video below.

Is this country going to be socialist? Is Donald Trump wrong? You know I think Trump is not a guy who’s on either side of this. He’s not a guy who plays to the moral card and he’s not a guy who plays the principal card. He’s a guy who plays the reality card. He says, look I made the economy better. You have a job now. Vote for me. You know. That’s what he says. He says this will work, I’ll do this. He doesn’t really consult a set of principles; he consults his gut. And so far, he’s doing a good job. You know he’s doing a really good job. I’m impressed. I didn’t think he was going to be this good. I think he is. But I do think that there are people, the people who write, the people who think, the people who talk who have to remind people what our principles are who have to remind us of what our values are.

That we value freedom … We value the freedom of the other guy, the guy we disagree with. We can value the freedom of a gay person and also value the freedom of the cake baker who does not want to attend his wedding and celebrate that wedding for religious reasons. We have to celebrate his freedom because if we don’t celebrate the freedom of the people we disagree with, we’re only celebrating power. If we don’t celebrate the freedom of the people, we disagree with we’re only celebrating power. Because when he’s in power, when he’s got the gun, when he’s got the government, what argument have you got left that’s going to keep him from taking your freedom away? These principles defend us all. They defend us left and right the principles defend us all and that’s what makes them more moral than the moral faux pas of the moment. That is what makes the arguments so much deeper than the events of the moment. And then the issues of the moment. That’s why we shouldn’t let politics make us stupid.

You know, just as a perfect example, of the way this morality stuff blows up on people, take a look at what’s happening in Hollywood, my hometown. Take a look at this new boycott. This is what’s her name, Alyssa Milano, and 49 other celebrities threatening to boycott Georgia. Why are they threatening to boycott Georgia? Because Georgia is trying to pass a heartbeat bill that will outlaw abortion the minute a heartbeat can be detected. And this includes guys like Sean Penn. And what a moral man is he, right? As the guy who still hasn’t apologized to Venezuela. He still has not apologized for Hugo Chavez.

And by the way, if you’re holding your breath waiting for the Sean Penn apology tour, you can forget it. I mean this is the Hollywood that Harvey Weinstein once said remember this Harvey Weinstein said “Hollywood has the best moral compass because it has compassion. We were the people who did the fundraising telethon for the victims of 9/11. We were there for the victims of Katrina and any world catastrophe”. Now think about this. This is Harvey Weinstein talking. He was talking at the time that Roman Polanski; remember old Roman Polanski had been detained in Switzerland? Why? Because he was a fugitive from justice. Roman Polanski raped a 13-year-old girl. He drugged her; he sodomized her. And then when he knew he was going to have to pay the price for it, he left. He fled the country. So, there is no statute of limitations on that, there’s no statute of limitations for fugitives right? Because he never paid the price. So, when he got picked up in Switzerland it was Harvey Weinstein. It was Meryl Streep. It was Woody Allen. They all showed up with their petitions now.

By what right do these people come after Georgia? Well you know. By what right do they use the incredible power of the economy to crush these people’s right to self-governance? Where is the morality in that? But nobody’s even arguing about that principle, we’re arguing about abortion. But this isn’t about abortion. It is not. I mean you know how strongly I oppose abortion but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about the right to Georgia to self-governance. It’s about the right to Georgia’s self-governance.

The only reason Hollywood comes to Georgia to make its movies is because this town is so lefty, so unionized, that they can’t afford to make the movies there. So, they go to Georgia so they don’t have to pay the unions when they’re making their movie about how great unions are. I mean that’s really true. They go to Budapest to film things, so they don’t have to pay the teamsters while they’re making a movie about Norma Rae and how wonderful it is that she unionized the shop. That’s the problem with these moral arguments is the people who are making them are no better than anybody else. It’s only the fact that their finger is pointed, distract you from them and puts the onus on the other guy. If we make the argument for our values, if we make the argument for our principles, if we make the argument that through our principles, we will reach a higher stage of progress and morality, I think we can win this fight, but the outcome is by no means certain.

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