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KLAVAN: Socialism Always Ends In Tyranny

By  Andrew Klavan

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” bestselling author Andrew Klavan calls out the Democrats for refusing to call out Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro while they engage in perpetual condemnation of President Donald Trump. Transcript and video below.

Socialism always ends up with tyranny because it doesn’t accept humans as humans. Because if it accepted humans as humans, it would also have to follow that logic to realize that socialism doesn’t work. Socialism doesn’t work because humans are humans. Ocasio-Cortez was asked if she would condemn Maduro in Venezuela. She is more afraid of Donald Trump than she is of Maduro, who has got his people roasting cats over trash fires.

AOC: So I think that this is absolutely a complex issue. I think it’s important that we approach this very carefully. Myself, just like anyone else, is absolutely concerned with the humanitarian crisis that is happening and I think it’s important that any solution we have centers the Venezuelan people and centers the democracy of the Venezuelan people first. I am very concerned about US interventionism in Venezuela and I oppose it. Especially when we talk about a figure like this US special envoy Elliot Abrams here. I think it’s…he’s pled guilty to several crimes related to Iran-Contra. I don’t think that we should be you know; I am generally opposed to US interventionism as a principle but particularly under this administration and under his leadership, I think it’s a profound mistake.

They should have asked her about Iran-Contra. She doesn’t know anything about it. Elliott Abrams was convicted of two misdemeanors in that particular adventure which was a scandal to the left but not to anybody who actually cares about America or South America. But anyway, the other thing that happens to socialism is that it becomes corrupt. Why does it become corrupt? It became corrupt because once you separate yourself from the people, once you think that you are the good puppeteer moving the puppets around, moving the chess pieces around, then you are basically exempt from the laws of decency.

If you take a little on the side, that’s fine. It is believed, it is said, that the heads of the Soviet Union — these people who have slaughtered and been responsible for the slaughter and have supported the people and the philosophies that have caused the slaughter of tens of millions of their own people — that when Ronald Reagan called them evil, when he said that they were an evil empire, they were shocked. They were shocked! They thought, “Oh no we’re the good guys. We are the revolutionaries. We’ve brought the wonderful socialism that has people starving in our streets.” They were shocked when he called them evil. It undermined their self-confidence and it basically woke them up from their socialist dream. That if you’re a good person, if you’re rearranging the pieces on the field so that everything is fair. That’s the dream and that’s why they become corrupt. Because their own corruption becomes invisible to them.

There is now a complaint to report that the brains behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Saikat Chakrabarti, who serves as her chief of staff, allegedly funneled over a million dollars in political donations to his own private companies. This is a complaint filed with the federal election commission. “Chakrabarti’s companies appear to be set-up for the sole purpose for obscuring how the political donations were used,” says the Washington Examiner. “The arrangement skirted reporting requirements and may have violated the $5000 limit on contributions from federal PAC’s to candidates. According to the complaint filed by the national legal and policy center, a government watchdog group.” That could send the guy to prison. I wonder if AOC was too stupid to know that that was happening or did, she know it was happening and bears some responsibility as well.

Finally, of course, there’s always the terror that socialists have to spread. The fear that they have to spread about the guy next to you. About what he has that you don’t have. About the environment and it’s all going to come collapsing on your head. That’s the other thing Ocasio-Cortez has been doing with this climate change stuff. You know that there is nowhere, nowhere that it says in 12 years we are all going to die.

One of the reports said that when the UN with their IPPC was asked to say “What would happen if the temperature went up this high? What would the results be?”. They said, “Well we only have 12 years to stop that from happening and there would be very serious results.” That’s what it said. But the idea that we are all going to die in 12 years, which she has put forward and has said, this green new deal which would destroy our economy, destroy our lives, destroy our freedom, destroy our country, that is necessary to keep the sky from falling in. It comes along with this death love that the Democrats have been fostering through abortion and now telling people not to have children anymore, and that’s becoming a movement.

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