KLAVAN: ‘Racist!’ Is Not An Argument


Imagine a world in which the word racist — the whole concept of accusing people of being racist — was somehow banned. Everything would be different.

CNN’s Don Lemon would spend his entire show staring into the camera as silent as a piece of lawn furniture — a job for which he’s actually equipped.

Democratic politicians, when asked why they opposed a barrier on the border, would have to say something like, “Because Donald Trump said he’d build it and I hate, hate, hate him.”

Many people who don’t think so now would suddenly realize, why, that Trump fellow is actually a pretty darn good president, and has improved the economy and tidied the foreign policy mess left behind by his incompetent predecessor.

The New York Times — a former newspaper — would have to fire most of its Op-Ed columnists, forcing them to find jobs as Intellectual Non-Entities Blithering Nonsense (although of course they’d have to join the Los Angeles Teachers Union to land one of those).

But the biggest effect of banning the accusation of racism would be to force the Left to come up with arguments for their policies.

Because terms like racist, sexist, homophobic or hateful — are not arguments. In fact, they are not informative political statements at all.

I don’t actually think Donald Trump is particularly racist. I think his characteristically clumsy and insensitive remarks have been spun into a myth of Trumpian racism by a hostile, biased and corrupt press. What is clearly true is that his policies have been good for black Americans. Their unemployment is down, their median family income is up (after it fell during the Obama years). And if he implements his plans for more charter schools and black scholarships, he will address one of the major problems in black communities: the cripplingly bad education brought to them by leftist public schooling and the Teachers Unions.

If in his secret heart of hearts, President Trump harbors some animosity toward Americans of color, I’m sad for him. But he’s not my pal. He’s the president. It’s his policies that matter. And hurling ugly names at him tells us nothing about those.

Likewise, I think there are good, healthy debates that could be had about the morality of homosexuality. When it was revealed Second Lady Karen Pence teaches at a private Christian school that espouses the traditional rejection of gay acts, left wing news outlets (which is virtually all of them) might have treated their audiences to just such debates. They could have had someone explain why some Christians feel homosexuality is a sin, and others explain the grounds on which they disagree. But words like hateful or homophobic, tell us nothing — literally zero — except that these news outlets aren’t trying to inform us, but only bully us into submission to their point of view.

The same is true with virtually every other issue before the public. Is abortion moral? Should borders be secured? Is high taxation a good? Is Islamic immigration a threat to the West? Though I have strong feelings about all these issues, I can imagine reasonable arguments on both sides for each one. But “Misogyny!” “Bigotry!” “Greed!” “Islamophobia!” are not those arguments. They are not arguments at all. They are the sort of thing I expect from a raving mob of over-emotional ignoramuses, not from a guy in a suit and tie looking into a camera and talking into a microphone. He ought to be saying something, not just talking crap and wasting my time.

Whenever I hear the Left dealing in insults rather than arguments, I am reminded of how many of their little experiments in transforming reality have resulted in catastrophe. The 100 million murders of Soviet and Chinese Communism. The enslavement of Socialist North Korea and the destruction of Socialist Venezuela. The increase in crime and terrorism brought on by massive Islamic immigration in Europe. Not to mention more subtle disasters like the way universal healthcare retards medical research, or the way some welfare programs destroy families and lead to dependency.

This, in turn, makes me wonder if the reason the Left is always screaming about racism — and sexism and homophobia and the rest — instead of making rational arguments is because they have no rational arguments at all.