KLAVAN: The Press Has Entered A ‘Trump-Hate’ Cycle


On Tuesday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” host Andrew Klavan discusses how the mainstream media has entered a constant cycle of “Trump hatred” when it comes to the current White House administration. Transcript and video below.

So, I think it was Molly Hemingway of the Federalist who first pointed it out, that there is a cycle that the press goes through in their Trump hatred. They first go into Russian Collusion, who and where the Russians and here is Boris Badenoff and Natasha and Paul Manafort and all of these things. Then that blows up because it’s all nonsense, it’s all completely ridiculous. When that’s exposed, they go into racism. Oh, the racism, it was Donald Trump, this shooter in New Zealand referenced Donald Trump. The image of him that we created, inspired him. But it’s somehow Trump’s fault. Trump says some of the same words. He speaks English and they speak English. It’s incredible, the connections are just endless. He walks upright and so do they! Then that falls apart and people start to roll their eyes. When all of that won’t wash, they go back to the routine that he is crazy. “Is Donald Trump crazy?”

So that is the thing over the weekend. Donald Trump went back to his tweeting. He sent out a tweetstorm. You’ve heard me say before, that I thought, and still think that he pulled back after the midterms thinking that he would just let the Democrats be crazy. He would just let them be nuts and sort of pull back a little bit because the midterm results sort of showed that people were turned off by it. Especially people in the suburbs, especially women. So, I think he kind of took a little bit of a back seat. Now he is coming back.

What I suspect, because I suspect so much of this is strategic with Trump, it’s not a question of playing 3D chess or anything like that. It’s just a question of political instinct, and I think he does a lot of this stuff on instinct. He feels that “okay the Democrat lineup is now a mosh pit.” It’s these people eating each other — they have to apologize for every word that comes out of their mouth. I mean, Beto is going to spend the entire campaign saying, “oh I am sorry I said that, and I am sorry I said sorry and I’m sorry — sorry”. That just makes Trump look great because he never apologizes. So, I think that Trump basically decided, “time to get back in the game”. So, he sent out a bunch of tweets about a bunch of subjects and the press reverted to their old idea that somehow this guy is crazy. They are on this treadmill. They just keep coming back. It’s like one of those trains that keeps going past the same station over and over again.

Bill Kristol, the absolute never-Trumper, oh how wise he is. So much wiser than those silly little Republicans that voted for Donald Trump. He says that now because of these tweets, all is justified at last. You know, Bill Kristol was good in “When Harry met Sally,” but since then I think he has gone downhill.

You know, let’s take a look at what Trump tweeted. Let’s see, is he crazy? He tweeted about Christopher Steele. He says “Christopher Steele backed up his Democrat and crooked Hillary paid for fake and unverified dossier with information he got from sending in watchers of low rating CNN. This is the info that got us the witch hunt.” This is true, Christopher Steele, in a piece of his testimony that was released admitted that he relied on unverified reports from CNN websites. People who would just send in their comments basically. CNN has an iReport website and these things are just randos sending things in. CNN calls it citizen journalism. Christopher Steele relied on citizen journalism. He relied on the comments section at CNN is essentially what it is. And this is what the FBI used to get their FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. I mean, just for a minute, clear the MSM clouds away and think about this for a minute. This is the information, comments from CNN and you know what the comment section is like a lot of the time. The comment section of CNN was used by the FBI to get permission to spy on the opposition political campaign, opposition to the administration in power. If these guys were journalists, if there were such things as journalists, they would be more shocked than Trump and Trump wouldn’t have to be tweeting it out.

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