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KLAVAN: The Mueller Probe Is Coming Up With Nothing

By  Andrew Klavan

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” the host discusses the lack of evidence uncovered by Robert Mueller’s special counsel probe into then-candidate Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and alleged ties to the Russian government. Transcript and video below.

The Democrats don’t want to let this Russian collusion narrative go, they can’t let it go because they have built up this entire mythology. Here’s the truth: Trump won because he outsmarted a terrible candidate. I mean Trump may not have been that great a candidate either, but he outsmarted Hillary Clinton. She was always a bad politician, she was a bad retail politician, she was a bad wholesale politician, she had a history of corruption that was as long as your arm, she had a scandal ongoing during the campaign that was a genuine scandal, a real scandal. Just the fact that the Russians were diddling around trying to divide people, which they always do, I’m sure we do it to them as well, it’s just spy versus spy stuff, it’s not that big a deal. They just seized on that, and they have now spent millions of our dollars chasing this down.

Even journalist Ken Dilanian tweeted after the Senate Intelligence Committee’s statement was put out saying they’ve found no evidence of collusion: “to be clear, the Senate Intelligence Committee has not found evidence exonerating Trump either.” So I tweeted back to him, “You know what? They haven’t found evidence exonerating you either!” You can’t find evidence exonerating someone from that kind of crime. I mean there’s certain crimes that only that if you can prove somebody else did it then you’re off the hook, if you can prove somebody else committed the murder then you didn’t commit the murder, but this kind of crime you can’t prove it didn’t happen. He was talking to the Russians, he was talking to all kinds of people, he was a novice. His campaign was filled with second-raters and novice people because none of the mainstream Republicans, the professionals, would join the campaign, so he was stuck with a lot of people who were kind of sleazy like Paul Manafort. I’m sure they were talking to all kinds of people, but the idea that Trump was colluding with Russia to overturn the election, to skew the election is just a nonsense. If it was anybody, it was Hillary Clinton who was colluding with Russia to get dirt on Donald Trump.

Look, they’ll never find out that Trump didn’t collude with the Russians; all they can find out is that they have no proof that he did, that’s the best that can happen, but they’re not going to let it go. Here’s just a sample, here is John Brennan – the ex-CIA chief who lied to Congress about the fact that he was spying – this is the guy who sat down and said “oh no we’re not spying” while he was crawling around inside their computers. Here he is desperately trying to keep this illusion alive:

Brennan: It’s collusion in plain sight. Donald Trump at the end of July openly called on Russian intelligence to find Hillary Clinton’s emails, there were engagements at the Trump Tower, there were the back-and-forth between various individuals who are affiliated with the Trump campaign and Russian individuals that collusion, I think, is quite obvious and apparent. What the Muller team is doing is trying to determine whether or not the engagement rises to the level of criminal conspiracy, whether they violated the law. You can collude without violating the law, and I know the Senate Intelligence Committee came out and said they found no direct evidence of criminal conspiracy but that’s not the Senate intelligence committee’s remit, it is the FBI and a special counsels team to do the criminal investigation. I was hoping that the Senate Intelligence Committee was going to look at what the Russians actually did, how did the government respond, the intelligence community, the law enforcement community, what can we do to better prepare ourselves in the future to prevent the Russians from interfering in the election? Do the intelligence community agencies need to have greater authorities or tools or capabilitie,s does there need to be greater collaboration between the federal government and the states in order to ensure that the voting infrastructure is going to be better protected? These are the things that our congressional committees should be doing, but criminal investigations should be left to the Department of Justice, the FBI and a special counsel.

This whole thing is so unfair. The Democrats are telling a story, the Republicans are telling a story. I’m not going to tell you that the Republicans come out and they’re shining angels of truth. That’s nonsense, that’s not the point. The only point is that this massive organization for communication, the American media, is almost entirely all on one side and is ginning this fiction up, and it’s making sure that everyone hears this fiction and no one hears anything contradictory. ​

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