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KLAVAN: Media’s Response To FBI Abuses Is Appalling

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On Tuesday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” the host discusses the bizarre media coverage of the Department of Justice investigating how the probe into President Trump’s 2016 campaign was launched. Partial transcript and video below.

Reality is also coming in the Russian collusion story. I mean this is a big deal. Attorney General William Barr, Bill Barr, has tapped the top federal prosecutor in Connecticut to study the origins of the 2016 counterintelligence investigation that conducted spying on people affiliated with the Trump campaign. This guy is named John Durham. He’s a Connecticut U.S. attorney. He’s helping Barr look at the early stages of the FBI investigating this. They’re going to check out all of James Comey’s very suspicious sounding ideas and Durham is a guy who’s used to this. He’s done this in a bipartisan way during the Clinton administration. He was asked to probe the FBI’s use of organized crime, how they dealt with Whitey Bulger. I’m sure many of you know that story about how they gave Bulger all this leeway.

They made a movie about it with Johnny Depp where they gave him all this leeway to do stuff, and then Bulger just went about killing people and playing the FBI. He investigated that. He was also sent to investigate the destruction of videotapes made by certain CIA interrogations of terrorism suspects who’d worked for both sides investigating our intelligence community.

We should not do, I think, what the Democrats did with the Russian story, where we leap to judgment and we build up the idea that here coming down the pike Obama is going to prison, Comey’s going to prison. I’m very suspicious and I’m especially suspicious of a press that is not suspicious.

When in the world did our press, our modern everyday journalists, when did they suddenly become completely incurious about the abuses of the FBI and the CIA. I mean this is what they’ve been running us down with for a thousand years. All the “Bourne Identity” movies about how evil is our intelligence service because they sent out Matt Damon to kill people. You know I mean that’s all that has been their narrative all this time. And suddenly the FBI sends spies in to surveil Donald Trump and his team. And it’s like I don’t see anything. It’s ok. You know, they’re going to make a movie in which … Matt Damon plays James Comey. I mean he’ll suddenly be the hero. So that is, to me, appalling.

And I think we should look into it. And I’m highly suspicious, and I’ve said I’m highly suspicious. But we don’t know yet. And I don’t want to do what the Democrats and the Democrat press did with the Russian collusion story, where we convict them before it comes through. It’s possible. I mean Ben has made the argument that it’s possible that they had good reason to do this. I don’t see it. I don’t see why they just didn’t warn Trump that this might be happening. But let’s find out.

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