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KLAVAN: Media Demonizes Trump’s Conspiracy Theory After Peddling One For Two Years
Donald Trump's Twitter profile is seen on a smartphone against a backdrop with the CNN logo, in Ankara, Turkey on December 9, 2018.
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On Monday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” Klavan discusses the Left’s double standard when it comes to conspiracies. Video and partial transcript below:

A lot of the stories in the press today were saying things like, “Well, this case is not over.” I will bet money this case is over. They will never find another witness like Epstein, who has the proof. Now anybody can make any accusation — against anybody — from now on. And there’s nobody around to say that did or didn’t happen. From now on it’s all going to be he said, she said. Maybe they can get this [gal] Ghislaine Maxwell. Maybe they can go after her, that’s what some of the people are suggesting.

But who else? Who else is going to have the evidence? How are they going to construct the evidence they need to get these people? People so powerful, whose lawyers are so good. This case is over, this guy. I’m telling you; I will be shocked if anybody pays the price for this. And so now everybody starts to say, “Oh the conspiracy theories, instant conspiracy theories.” Everybody is going to have a conspiracy theory, and of course President Trump, you know, he’s got to be there. He retweeted something that said, “The Bill Clinton Body Count.”

Michael Knowles is going to come on and talk about “The Bill Clinton Body Count” because it is a funny story. But Donald Trump, who you know, one of the things about Trump is that he has no sense that he’s now President of the United States with special responsibilities. That sense has grown on him a little bit, but he’s still doing [it]. It’s one thing for a billionaire playboy to be tweeting out about Barack Obama’s birth certificate. It is another thing for a presidential candidate to be saying that Ted Cruz’s father killed Kennedy or whatever crazy stuff that was really bad. But now you’re President of the United States … .

He has this moral power, this moral voice now that he doesn’t actually take into account, when he tweets something like this. I sincerely doubt that this was a murder committed by Bill Clinton’s agents, but he tweeted that around. But here’s the thing, Jake Tapper went after him. Play the piece of Jake Tapper excoriating the president for this.

TAPPER: This is of course, not the first time that President Trump has chosen to use his amplified voice to spread conspiracies. He lied about President Obama’s birthplace. He suggested Ted Cruz’s father might’ve been involved in the JFK assassination. He lied that he saw American Muslims in New Jersey, on TV celebrating 9/11, when there is no such tape.

Fair enough. Fair enough. But Jake Tapper is part of the problem, and I don’t mean to pick him out personally. He is in a corrupt business. He is in a business that now lies every day. They are in the business of lies, many of them are lies by omission, but they’re still lies. So, he is now the representative of a business that legitimizes what Trump does because there are so many lies opposed to him … .

You want to talk about a conspiracy theory, talk about Russian collusion. Two years of Russian collusion, you know that montage — I don’t have it setup now — but that montage of like the end is near, the walls are closing in, this is the beginning of the end, this is the end of the Trump presidency. Two and a half years, and The New York Times just as responsible. Every single one of those [people] on CNN. Jake Tapper is on CNN. So, when you talk about the president using his powerful voice, his massive platform, to put forward, to retweeting a conspiracy theory. Fair enough. But you’re in a business that did that every day, every single day … . The press are continually still saying that Donald Trump said that there were “fine people” among the neo-Nazis, which he did not say, which he clarified he wasn’t saying, when he said the words “fine people.” They’re still selling that; they’re still selling that lie.

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