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KLAVAN: Ideas Can Be Dangerous Things

By  Andrew Klavan

On Monday’s episode of the “The Andrew Klavan Show,” the bestselling host discusses how misinformation can lead to bad ideas and the only way to fight it is with a complete philosophy that creates good ideas. Transcript and video below.

I don’t need a guy to shoot people up, as a racist, to know that racism is wrong, or white supremacy is wrong. Because I have a philosophy. A fairly complete philosophy of life that actually I can refer to because it makes sense. My philosophy makes sense. It’s horrible to be a white supremacist if you are a Christian. If you are a Christian like me, you believe all people are children of God and what matters about them is how they behave and their ideas. That’s what matters. They behave out of the ideas in their heads. So that’s what matters. When I say that I have problems or questions or concerns about Islam, it’s questions about those ideas. Because I know what ideas do to people. You start out thinking that men and women should be equal, and you then think that well in order for them to be equal you have to abort a baby and in order for you to abort a baby even if the baby comes out alive, you have to let it die. Ideas lead you down very, very terrible paths.

They lead you into evil; that’s what they do. So, I have concerns about some of the tenants of Islam. Like its insistence that government has to be a theocracy essentially. And the fact that you can’t translate the Koran. And their treatment of women, those are things that I question about. I know that white supremacy is wrong because I believe that all people are children of God and can do good and can contribute and be good people. Why does the left think it’s wrong?

I mean we have heard from them that Black Lives Matter and you should be shouted down if you say All Lives Matter, so do they believe it’s wrong because they are on the other side? It’s like gays. You say to me that “gays should have equal rights” and I say “yes.” Then you tell me if you don’t want to celebrate their wedding your business should be destroyed. I go wait, wait, what? What is that? In other words, are you asking for equality or are you asking for power to be transferred from one group to another group that one group had unfairly now another group had it unfairly? That seems to me what the left is constantly doing.

The Left is constantly basically wanting, pretending that they want equality. But what they really want is to transfer unfair power from one group and give it to another group unfairly as if that’s somehow going to balance their guilt problems or the country’s guilt problems or whatever it is. I don’t know why the Left thinks white supremacy is bad except for the fact that maybe they think that only black lives matter. I mean, that’s what I think. I know it’s bad, I know it’s bad. I don’t need somebody to kill somebody to know it’s bad. I know killing people is bad too for a lot of the same reasons. I am wondering what they think what, why it is. I’d like to have them on, explain it to me. Because it seems to be the left’s attitude toward race and religions is nonsense. They have no problem with Diane Feinstein hectoring a judge candidate because she’s a Catholic, but they do have a problem if I point out some of the problems in the house of Islam. You know that is really, really bad news.

There was this NYU student who attacked Chelsea Clinton. I am sure you’ve seen this. This has gone viral. Unbelievable piece of tape where she attacks Chelsea Clinton and says she contributed to the rhetoric that inspired this attack because she joined in condemning congresswomen Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism. We have an epidemic in this country of young people who know absolutely nothing and are absolutely sure of their moral stances. It’s not just Alexandria Occasional-Cortex. It’s not just Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. It’s people like this. That woman knows nothing, that guy who was shouting and the people who were snapping their fingers, they’re telling Chelsea Clinton that she somehow has a connection to this New Zealand massacre because she opposed anti-Semitism. Now when you go and you look at the statistics, and you see the rise in anti-Semitic attacks in America was 37% and Muslim attacks dropped 11%, shouldn’t you be rushing your concern to the Jews. I mean, shouldn’t you be joining in the attacks on Ilhan Omar and her anti-Semitism?

If you had a philosophy that made sense, if you condemned racism of any kind, including affirmative action racism, including “positive racism,” if you condemned as I condemn all treatment of people only according to their race, you know which I just condemn. I think it’s wrong. I think, If you’re a child of God, you’re a child of God. You have the same rights as anyone else. I think that’s what America is supposed to be about. If you make no sense, that’s what you end up doing. This know-nothing woman and her know-nothing friend who are 12 years old and haven’t seen anything, haven’t experienced anything and don’t know anything, are yelling at Chelsea Clinton about a shooting in New Zealand. This is why I love that Nancy Pelosi has come forward to declare that the voting age should be 16. That’s what we need. People who know less. As I always say youth and ignorance are synonyms. We need people who know less to vote. Why would the Democrats want that? Hmmm, that’s a chin scratcher. Why would the Democrats want people who know nothing to be able to vote? That’s a tough one to figure out.

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