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KLAVAN: CNN Accidentally Reveals That It’s A Cult
LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES - 2019/02/06: The CNN logo is seen atop its bureau in Los Angeles, California.
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On Tuesday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” Klavan reveals that The Daily Wire has discovered that, according to criteria established by a CNN “cult expert,” the mainstream media is engaging in cult-like behavior. Video and partial transcript below: 

It’s easy to see why leftist ideas drive right-wingers insane. It’s easy to see why right-wingers feel justified in saying all kinds of crazy stuff just to fight back. It’s like, unbelievable, the things that they talk about, and the bias in their news that they think is absolutely objective. 

Brian Stelter, or as Sean Hannity calls him, “Humpty Dumpty.” I’m sorry, but that’s a pretty good one. Brian Stelter has a cult expert on his show. Listen to this. What is this guy’s name? He is cult expert Steve Hassan, and he talks about the fact that anyone who [likes] Trump is a member of an evil cult. 

HASSAN: I am referring to Trump’s organization and followership as a destructive call, where people are being fed propaganda, and they’re not being encouraged to think for themselves. They’re not being encouraged to really explore and look at the details and arrive at their own conclusions. Much of what they’re hearing is emotionally driven, loaded words, thought-stopping and thought-terminating type cliches like “Fake News” or “build the wall” or “Make America Great Again.”

STELTER: You say the president is using mind control, but how is that provable? 

HASSAN: So we can start with the pathological lying, which is characteristic of destructive cult leaders saying things in a very confident way that have nothing to do with facts or truthfulness. The blaming [of] others, and never taking responsibility for his own failures and faults, shunning and kicking out anyone who raises questions or concerns about his own behavior, his use of fear-mongering — immigration is a horrible thing. 

STELTER: It is frightening to hear a cult expert say that you see all these signs, right now, today, in American politics. 

… Here we have the signs of an evil cult of propaganda, that people are not being encouraged to think for themselves, they’re not being encouraged to really explore this is a quote “to really explore and look at the details and arrive at their own conclusions … these emotionally driven, loaded words … [and] cliches.”

So we sent out our crack Daily Wire team of undercover investigators to see if we could find some examples of this the emotionally driven, loaded words, the cliches, being fed propaganda and we actually came up with a video of this taking place.

MATTHEWS: After yesterday’s explosive testimony —

JOURNALIST: Kicking off what promises to be another explosive week in the impeachment inquiry. 

BLITZER: We’re bracing for potentially an explosive opening statement. 

WALLACE: Those are some of the fireworks from today’s explosive testimony

JOURNALIST: Another explosive day of testimony. 

JOURNALIST: High stakes heading into a potentially explosive week of testimony.

MADDOW: The most explosive thing —

JOHNSON: This is a slow-motion explosion. 

BLITZER: Major breaking news right now. The explosive, truly explosive, opening remarks … I can’t emphasize how explosive this is. 

JOURNALIST: How explosive?

JOURNALIST: Very explosive. 

That is shocking a cult taking place right in front of our very eyes. These cultic repeated words, emotionally charged words, the cliches  the guy is right: We are running a cult. I mean, it is comical that they can’t see themselves. So it drives the Right crazy, it drives me crazy. This is the news. You turn on the news, CNN, the most trusted name in news, but that’s what you see on the news, and it drives you crazy.

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