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Kirstie Alley Thanks President Trump For Coronavirus Leadership, Rips Leftists Scolding Her
Kirstie Alley attends "Constellations" Broadway opening night at Samuel J. Friedman Theatre on January 13, 2015 in New York City.
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On Monday, actress Kirstie Alley veered from the Hollywood consensus and publicly thanked President Donald Trump for this leadership as our nation battles the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. Even more unusual, when Alley was hit with backlash from folks on the Left, the “Cheers” star stood her ground. 

“Dear Mr. President,” Alley posted to Twitter on Monday evening. “I wanted to thank you for ur recent decorum, sincerity, & care towards us.”

“You’re taking charge & leading in a manner needed & wanted for this country,” she continued. “I highly commend you for ur boundless energy & willingness to solve problems. Thank you.”

Alley’s message received a slew of positive feedback and “likes” on Twitter, but some on the left were predictably outraged.

“Are you out of your mind?” radio personality John Melendez scolded the actress. “What press conferences are you watching? I watch the ones with lies, misinformation, & jabs at Mitt Romney, & others.”

Unfazed, Alley responded: “BlAh blAh blAh.”

Again doubling-down on her praise for Trump, the 69-year-old tweeted, “I compliment people when they do well … blah blah blah.”

Alley has tweeted out her thoughts on the virus numerous times. On Sunday, for example, she praised our nation and her hometown of Wichita, Kansas, for adhering to guidelines and slowing the spread of the virus. 

“I’m so proud of my home town, Wichita Kansas and our county,” she wrote. “We are staying sheltered very well and helping elderly out. We have 2 cases in our entire county.”

“Let’s keep it up and let’s help others who aren’t so fortunate with funds, blood donations and deliveries if we can,” Alley added. 

On Monday, the actress urged residents of cities hit by the virus to “stay away form people.”

“C’mon NYC, LA and any other places that are blatantly disregarding the health of your fellow humans!” she said. “Stay away from people .. [What the f***] are you thinking? You may be above the law but you aren’t above this virus & is it worth killing your parents OR your friends or children?”

Other Hollywood celebrities have used the virus as another opportunity to hit Trump and sow division. For example, former “Charmed” actress Alyssa Milano, an anti-gun rights activist and frequent Trump-basher, called the president a “racist piece of s***,” last week.

“Stop calling it the ‘Chinese Virus,’ you racist piece of s***,” Milano told the president via Twitter.

Of course, the virus did originate in China, and the communist regime did silence Chinese journalists and doctors who tried to warn the world about COVID-19, and Chinese diplomats tried to pin the origination and spread of the virus on the United States.

Moreover, the president has repeatedly emphasized that he is unhappy with the communist regime in China, and merely stated a fact about where the virus came from. He did not lay blame at the feet of Chinese Americans, whom he has praised time and again.

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