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Women’s Marchers Get Mad at Kirstie Alley. So She Destroys Them.

On Sunday, actress Kirstie Alley set off a slew of leftists when she tweeted about “chaos” and “TOO much noise,” seemingly alluding to the Women’s March events, which took place on Saturday to protest President Donald Trump, we think.

“TOO much noise 4 ALL those who don’t create chaos I salute you. To the rest..duke it out amongst ur selves. The sound of silence,” wrote Alley.

Self-righteous, oppressed-only-in-their-minds feminists and Pajama Boys were instantly triggered by Alley’s harmless remark, defending the confused and incoherent Women’s March she apparently wasn’t even attacking.

Responding to the feminist who nonsensically suggested guns are more regulated than vaginas, Alley responded: “My tweet wasn’t even about the Woman’s March..Personally I’d take a great Browning shot gun over you any day of the week. It has a higher IQ.”

“My vagina was deregulated when I turned 17,” Alley quipped, hilariously. “The name was Bob..the deregulator, not my vagina.”

“Ok ok ok.. I became a little snarky there..Well…sometimes I just have to give myself permission to be a bitch.. gotta admit it felt good,” Alley added.

Clearly, those frail feminists had no clue whom they were dealing with.