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WATCH: Olbermann Goes CRAZY After Trumpcare Vote, Says Trump, Ryan And The GOP Can ‘Burn In Hell’

By  Hank

Unhinged leftist commentator Keith Olbermann, (yes that same guy whose degree is in communication’s from Cornell’s School of Agriculture and life Sciences, then graduated to portentously announcing sports scores and then waxing eloquent as a political commentator), declared from his leftist religious pulpit that Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and everyone who voted for the AHCA, (what is primarily a watered-down version of Obamacare), should “burn in hell.”

Olbermann started by recalling the testimony of George F. Baer, who represented the coal industry during the 1902-03 coal strike, when he stated before the Anthracite Coal Commission, “These men don’t suffer, why hell, half of them don’t even speak English.”

Olbermann began:

I’ve been thinking a lot of George F. Baer and the other demons of the 1902-03 coal strike; I hope there is a hell solely for people like them. They exist in all generations; their view of man’s duty to other men twisted and perverted and unimaginable by merely by nearly all the rest of us and roundly cheered by the sadistic and the money-obsessed and the comfortable.

They exist today; they are the people like Donald Trump and Paul Ryan and the others involved in the repeal of the often-ineffective long-from-finished first step towards establishing the absolute and inalienable right of every man, woman and child in this country to have their health minimally protected through the intervention of the government., that first step they have derisively called Obama care.

Olbermann then listed the supposed victims of Trump care: transplant recipients, special needs kids; and the uncountable number of poor people. Paraphrasing Baer, he intoned, “These men don’t suffer; why half of them don’t even vote Republican.”

After stating, “Without the government there would be no train service at all in this country,” omitting the fact that the train service used to be pretty damn good before it was nationalized, (read Atlas Shrugged for the prophetic warnings of that), Olbermann continued, “But man’s inhumanity to man lives on in Donald Trump, and Paul Ryan, and every other so-called human being who fought to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act.”

Then, the fire-and-brimstone threat:

… to Trump, and Ryan, and every so-called man and woman who voted for this medieval act, this barbarism, we know your names. We will destroy your careers; we will make you suffer. And like George F. Baer and the mine owners, if any of the religions of the world are correct, future generations will comfort themselves and move forward into the light, driven in part by knowing that you, Paul Ryan, and you, Donald Trump, are burning in hell.

Imagine Olbermann’s reaction if the GOP had truly repealed Obamacare instead of replacing it with a watered-down version.

Video below:

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