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Kathy Griffin Whines About Not Getting A Netflix Show. Then She Gets In A Fight With The Daily Wire About It.

On Tuesday, faux comedienne Kathy Griffin whined that she couldn’t get a Netflix special because the network already had a show with another comedienne. After The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles pointed out that comedian Norm MacDonald had his own Netflix show because he was funny, with the obvious implication, Griffin went ballistic on Twitter, attacking Knowles, which brought Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro into the fray, where he promptly crushed Griffin.

The argument began with Griffin tweeting this:

Knowles succinctly responded:

That got Griffin apoplectic:

Knowles offered a polite reply:

Shapiro stepped in:

Then characteristically started kidding Knowles:

Knowles, taking his life and career in his hands, answered his boss:

Shapiro then turned back to Griffin:

Which prompted this reference to the day Shapiro was born: