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Kasich: NATO Should Expand Into Policing, E.U. Must Resist Sovereignty Movements

By  Robert

Calling for NATO to expand its powers beyond its military role into policing and intelligence-gathering, Governor John Kasich shared an element of his strategy for combating Islamic terrorism in the wake of last week’s attacks in Brussels. Speaking with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd in an interview for Meet The Press, Kasich also implied that the European Union superstate should reinforce itself against right-wing national sovereignty movements pushing against the increasing centralization of power within the Belgian capital.

As if political power is insufficiently centralized within the E.U., Kasich advocated for a greater erosion of the national sovereignty of its member states in the name of improved counterterrorism efforts across the continent

“I think that we ought to have a dramatically reformed NATO,” said Kasich. “Right now we think of NATO as a military organization. I think it needs to involve itself in policing and intelligence gathering.”

Some degree of consolidation of intelligence-sharing across the E.U.’s member states’ disparate intelligence agencies via NATO, said Kasich, would improve counterterrorism endeavors.

No mention was made of left-wing policies or ethea facilitating the growth of Islamic terrorism in Europe such as mass migration, multiculturalism, or “political correctness.” Also ignored was the rapidly growing demographic of Muslims across the continent.

In December, Kasich described Donald Trump’s proposal for a temporary ban of Islamic immigration and visitation as divisive and incompatible with American values. In November, however, Kasich urged President Barack Obama to cease plans to admit thousands of refugees and migrants from Syria on the grounds of national security considerations.

Asked about signs of the E.U.’s disintegration by Todd, Kasich called for a furthering of Brussels-driven continental unification.

“Either we hang together, or we hang separately,” said Kasich in his call for a furthering of the E.U. project.

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