Kanye West Flames Ex-Wife In Interview Over Message She Sends To Little Girls
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 06: Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West attend The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 06, 2019 in New York City.
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Rapper Kanye West took a shot at ex-wife Kim Kardashian in an interview this week for the message that she sends to little girls.

West made the remarks during a wide-ranging interview Friday night with Fox News host Tucker Carlson after arriving back in the U.S. from France where he attended the Paris Fashion Week.

West said that his ex-wife was a “hybrid,” that “she’s not just Marilyn Monroe … she’s also a fashion person. She’s also a mom. She’s also an activist. She’s a lawyer. She’s a multibillionaire.”

Kardashian is not yet a lawyer and her legal dreams could be in trouble given allegations mounted by the Security and Exchange Commission related to an alleged “pump and dump” scheme, the New York Post reported.

“She’s hot. She’s one of the most beautiful people of all time,” West continued. “And when you see a headline that says, Kim says, ‘Oh, I’m going to stay single forever,’ that’s the indoctrination, like, because they want this person to tell all the little girls out there that they need to be single forever. You know, all moms — I know there’s definitely people watching.”

“Do you think that? So you don’t think that’s an organic, natural thing?” Carlson asked. “I mean, that’s a message that she is being used to send?”

“Absolutely,” West responded.

During part one of his interview with Carlson, West also discussed his ex-wife’s relationship with the Clintons. He said that he had no idea how close Kardashian was to the Clinton family and that he believes they tried to manipulate him through her.

Carlson had said that Kardashian was “part of” the attempt to get West to not like former President Donald Trump dating back to when Trump decided to run for office.

“It was wild that I didn’t know how close my own wife was to the Clintons,” West said. “I didn’t know. You know, I didn’t realize it at the time.”

When asked how close Kardashian was to the Clintons, West responded, “I mean, cell phone away, like, or ‘hey, tell Ye to say this way, or, hey, go out and use your platform to push the vaccination away’ — I mean, not away but, like, take the away part — but, you know…”

When asked if he felt like he had been manipulated through his wife, West responded that it was an “attempt at manipulation.”

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