Kamala Harris Brags, Compares Herself To The Immortal John Adams. He Loses.
Elizabeth Frantz for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Speaking at South Carolina State University, Vice-President Kamala Harris compared herself favorably to the brilliant John Adams, the second president of the United States and the man regarded as the “Atlas of American Independence.”

Harris landed in the position of tie-breaker in the United States Senate after Democrats swept the two U.S. Senate runoff elections in Georgia in 2021, thus rendering the Senate a 50-50 tie between the GOP on one side and Democrats and their independent supporters on the other.

“So as vice president, I’m also the president of the United States Senate. And in that role — this is for the historians here — I broke John Adams’ record of casting the most tie-breaking votes in a single term,” she bragged. “So for context, this kid who was born in Oakland, California and graduated from an HBCU just broke the record of John Adams. I think we should all fully appreciate how history can take a turn.”

Adams, who not only spearheaded the move for independence in the Second Continental Congress in 1776, urged for an end to slavery, and pushed for George Washington to lead the Continental army, is regarded as one of the major forces in American history. His erudite legacy has been delineated in numerous books and films; it also includes his incredibly literate son John Quincy, sixth president of the United States and a man so humble and dedicated to his country that he served as a representative in Congress after he had left the presidency.

While Harris spoke, she also made sure to remind the college students of the Biden administration’s largesse with other people’s money, saying of the administration’s student loan cancellation, “And it’s important for you to know that this loan forgiveness does not just apply to graduates. It also may apply to many of you sitting here right now. So if you receive — please take note of this — if you received a federal loan before July 1 of this year, you are eligible.”

If that weren’t sufficient, she urged the students to spread the good news of how they could take advantage of taxpayers: “If you have a friend or a sibling or a cousin who acquired that student loan debt to the point that they may have had to leave before graduation, you needn’t have graduated to apply for the debt relief. So please help me get the word out so folks can take advantage of that.”

She pointed to more freebies to come:

So let me be clear then: We have seen great accomplishments but we still have a lot more work to do. We still need to make, for example, community college free for all people. We know that access to quality education should not be determined by whether or not you can afford it.

Harris comparing herself to Adams below:

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