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Justice Sotomayor: I Fantasized About Hitting Scalia With A Baseball Bat

There’s an old adage that says, “Don’t speak ill of the dead.” Unfortunately, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor didn’t get the memo.

In a speech to students at the University of Minnesota on Monday, the Leftist jurist shared her thoughts about hitting her now-deceased colleague with a baseball bat.

“There are things he’s said on the bench where if I had a baseball bat, I might have used it,” stated the Obama-appointed judge.

After divulging her revenge-induced fantasy of violence, Sotomayor went on to suggest that political opponents need to work together to find “common ground.”

“If you keep that in mind, you can resolve almost any issue, because you can find that common ground to interact with each other,” she added.

While Sotomayor would likely categorize her remarks about Scalia as a joke, if recent events on college campuses are any indication, some students may take her at face value.

Violence against political opponents isn’t just an abstraction, but it’s a reality on many “progressive” university campuses. Fueled by racial and gender grievances some students, otherwise known as Social Justice Warriors, have taken it upon themselves to enforce de facto blasphemy laws based on the diktat of “feelings,” at times by physical means. Under the fascist philosophy of “microaggressions,” offensive words, yes words, can and should be counteracted with physical violence. Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro explains:

Now, the beautiful thing about microaggressions is the term itself: microaggressions. They aren’t “micro-offensive statements.” Or “micro-insults.” They’re tiny aggressions, almost physical in nature. Such aggressions, as with all aggressions, call for punishment. Calling a transgender female – a man who thinks he is a woman – “sir” is grounds for legal battery, according to the left, because it is simply too microaggressive. Words may not break our bones, but they justify sticks and stones.

So when a sitting justice on the Supreme Court of the United States tells highly-volatile university students indoctrinated by the cultish chants of “microaggression,” “white privilege,” and “implicit bias,” that she fantasized about hitting her conservative colleague with a baseball bat on the court bench, don’t be surprised if Louisville sluggers start appearing at events hosted by conservative student groups.