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Judge Refuses To Charge Father Who Lunged At Nassar With Contempt Of Court

Randall Margraves, who lunged at convicted sexual abuser Larry Nassar on Friday morning and had to be restrained by deputies, will not be punished by the judge with contempt of court, although the judge will have to decide whether he could face criminal assault charges.

Margraves had hurled himself at Nassar after two of Margraves’ daughters, Lauren and Madison, who had been abused by Nassar, read their statements. Judge Janice Cunningham said she would not charge Margraves; she told him she couldn’t understand the pain he felt as he listened to his daughters speak, but she understood wanting to protect his daughters as a father. She added, “It is not acceptable that we combat assault with assault.”

After the judge ruled she would not charge him, Margraves apologized to the court, admitting that he lost his composure because when his daughters made their statements, Nassar shook his head.

The Eaton County sheriff said Margraves is being held on the judge’s orders; the judge will consider whether assault charges should be filed. Margraves has another daughter, Morgan, who was also abused by Nassar.