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Juanita Broaddrick Issues Brutal Response To Hulu’s ‘Hillary’ Doc

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo
Three of the four woman who sat with Donald Trump in a press conference and made several accusations against Bill and Hillary Clinton -- Kathleen Wiley (left), Juanita Broaddrick (center), and Kathy Shelton -- attend the presidential debate on Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016 at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo.
Christian Gooden/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

On Saturday, Juanita Broaddrick ripped into Hulu for airing “Hillary,” a documentary on twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, seemingly crafted to help rehabilitate the tarnished image of the Clintons. 

Broaddrick has long claimed former President Bill Clinton raped her in a hotel room back in 1978, and that Hillary subsequently tried to intimidate her into silence.

“Shame on Hulu,” wrote Broaddrick on Twitter. “You owe an apology to all survivors of sexual abuse, rape and intimidation by the Clintons.”

“This conniving, evil couple have no remorse for the decades of Bill Clinton’s deviant, reprehensible behavior…. yes, she knew,” she added, referring to Hillary’s alleged knowledge of the rape. 

Days earlier, Broaddrick similarly blasted Hillary and Hulu: “You know what’s absolutely unbelievable? Hulu allowing a low life sexual predator to talk about b*** job therapy and no one has the ‘guts’ to say,” she wrote on social media.

In the documentary, former President Clinton addresses his affair with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky, explaining that he had sex with the young woman to “manage” the “anxiety” of the job.

“Can you tell us why you sexually assaulted and raped women?” the 77-year-old added. “Hulu’s Clinton doc is pure GARBAGE.”

In January, Broaddrick told The New York Post she had no intention of watching the forthcoming documentary, aside from clips running across her social media feed, and blasted Hillary as a “fake person” and a “fake feminist.”

“I can’t watch it,” she told the Post. “I’ll see clips of it probably from Twitter or Facebook or something like that but to watch that woman talk is torture. I guess because I have so many feelings about her as being a fake person, a fake feminist and knowing what she did to all of the victims of her husband.”

Broaddrick says that Hillary sought her out at the political fundraiser soon following the alleged rape, grabbed her by the hand and “thanked” her for “everything” she had done for her husband. Feeling frightened, Broaddrick tried to turn around and leave, but Hillary allegedly squeezed her hand tighter and wouldn’t let her go. In Broaddrick’s mind, there is no way Hillary did not intend for that interaction to be construed as a threat.

Speaking to The Daily Wire back in 2016, Broaddrick recounted the interaction with Hillary: “She threatened me at that fundraiser, that’s foremost in my mind,” she said. “I’ll never forget that; I’ll never forget that encounter with her that people keep minimizing, saying that, ‘Well, she didn’t mean that.'”

“Well I knew,” Broaddrick continued. “I was there, I knew from the tone in her voice and how she changed when she said that. I knew what she meant; I just have absolutely no doubt.”

“I felt like she knew [I was raped], it was just the look in her eyes and the anger on her face, because I was so afraid at that time of anyone knowing what had happened to me,” she added.

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