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Broaddrick: Hillary Knew I Was Raped, Pressured Me Anyway

The left has desperately tried to separate Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton from her husband’s vulgar sexual misconduct, excusing Hillary wholesale from any involvement in former President Bill Clinton’s dirty laundry. Stunningly, even worshipful-to-the-rape-culture feminists have become vocal rape apologists when it comes to Bill’s alleged victims.

But according to alleged rape victim of Bill Clinton, Juanita Broaddrick, you can’t separate Hillary from Bill’s transgressions, at least, not in her case. Broaddrick claims that after Bill raped her some 40 years ago, Hillary subsequently threatened her in effort to silence her, all while knowing full well that Bill had raped her.

“I felt like she knew [I was raped], it was just the look in her eyes and the anger on her face, because I was so afraid at that time of anyone knowing what had happened to me,” Broaddrick told The Daily Wire.

“So many people have said since then that, ‘Maybe she just knew that you had been with him, maybe he hadn’t told her the complete description of what he’d done to you,’” explained Broaddrick, “I still feel like she knew.”

Broaddrick continued, recounting the moment Hillary allegedly threatened her at a political rally:

“She threatened me at that fundraiser,” she stated, “that’s foremost in my mind; I’ll never forget that; I’ll never forget that encounter with her that people keep minimizing, saying that, ‘Well, she didn’t mean that.’”

“Well I knew,” she continued. “I was there, I knew from the tone in her voice and how she changed when she said that. I knew what she meant; I just have absolutely no doubt.”

Hillary allegedly sought out Broaddrick at the political fundraiser, grabbed her hand and “thanked her” for “everything” she had done for Bill. Feeling frightened, Broaddrick tried to turn around and leave, but Hillary allegedly squeezed her hand tighter and wouldn’t let her go. In Broaddrick’s mind, there is no way Hillary did not intend for that interaction to be construed as a threat.

“I would fear for my safety” if Hillary took the White House, Broaddrick told The Daily Wire, apparently still intimidated by the former Secretary of State. She’s had “power” before, she explained, but not like she would have as president.

“She’s an enabler,” she added. “I thought that way before Trump said it.”

Broaddrick also said that she believes that Bill continued to rape women long past the time he raped her. “I have communication with Paula Jones, and with Kathleen Willey, and Gennifer Flowers and Dolly Kyle,” she said, “and they all have stories of feeling very intimidated by the Clintons.”

Between her and the other public survivors’ accounts, added Broaddrick, they have heard from at least a “dozen” other sexual assault victims of Bill’s who are too afraid to go public. “Well, look what happened to us,” Broaddrick rationalized for the scared women. She figures there must be “dozens” of others who have fallen victim to the Clintons but are too afraid to come forward.

Broaddrick figures there must be “dozens” of others who have fallen victim to the Clintons but are too afraid to come forward.

Broaddrick also reacted to the Hillary campaign omitting a partial quote from their webpage in February, which stated that all sexual assault survivors should be “beleived.”

“I just learned about that,” she told The Daily Wire, “I was certainly shocked,” she said. Broaddrick believes she was the motivation behind Hillary’s deletion, explaining, “Hillary was asked about me a few times on the campaign trail” prior to the omission.

To Broaddrick, the omission means that “Hillary doesn’t want us being believed,” she said, “those of us who accuse her husband.”

Broaddrick told The Daily Wire that the reason she never tried to profit off of her situation was because she wanted to be believed. “I wanted to be credible,” she asserted. She even recalled a $100,000 interview offer from the National Enquirer prior to her Dateline NBC interview in 1999; she said she “laughed” at them. “There was no way I would have done that,” she added.

“But I can’t put down anyone who has gained monetarily from coming forward in instances like this,” she pointedly added, “I had the luxury of being financially secure.”

“To tell the truth; to finally tell the truth.”

-Juanita Broaddrick, on the one thing she would say to Hillary

To end the interview, we asked Ms. Broaddrick what would be the one thing she would say to Hillary Clinton if she were to ever see her again.

Her response: “To tell the truth; to finally tell the truth.”

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