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Joy Reid Attacked Clinton Admin For Not Wanting To Deport Immigrant Children

Embattled MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid has repeatedly attacked President Donald Trump over illegal immigrant children being separated from their parents despite the fact that she attacked former President Bill Clinton’s Attorney General for not wanting to rip an immigrant child away from their family in 2000.

In a satire spinoff of Dr. Seuss, Reid attacked former Attorney General Janet Reno for her not wanting to take Elian Gonzalez away from family in Florida and return him to Cuba.

Gonzalez was five years old when he was found floating in the water off the coast of Florida after a raft filled with Cuban immigrants was unable to traverse the ocean, leading to 11 deaths including his mother. CNN reports:

Elian’s father, Juan Miguel, fought to bring the boy back to Cuba. Cuban leader Fidel Castro led massive protests on the island demanding Elian’s return…

…Elian’s Miami relatives argued if the boy went back to Cuba, he would become a brainwashed trophy for Castro in his long-running feud with the US.

The Clinton administration ultimately decided to deport Gonzalez, but his relatives in Miami refused to give him up to be deported back to Cuba. CNN adds:

In a nighttime raid, armed federal agents stormed the home of his uncle and seized the boy. An Associated Press photograph of the terrified child, cowering as an officer in riot gear points an assault rifle at him, inflamed passions even more.

Rioting broke out in Miami as many in the Cuban-American community reacted angrily to the seizure of the boy.

Two days before the infamous raid happened, Reid wrote an article for Salon attacking the Clinton administration, writing from the perspective that she was Attorney General Janet Reno:

I am Jan,

Jan I am.

I will not pick up Elian.

I will not put him in a car,

I will not take him near or far,

I will not go inside that house,

That Waco thing still freaks me out.

I will not take him in the rain,

I will not put him on a plane,

I will not pick him up, you see,

The exiles would be mad at me.

I will not take him to his dad,

Would you make Gloria Estefan mad?

I will not send him to Fidel,

Cause Marisleysis says it’s hell.

I will not go and do my job,

I’m too scared of that angry mob,

I will not push old Uncle Laz,

He’s got more lawyers than I have.

I know I promised, but oh well,

That’s just too bad for Juan Miguel.

This is another example of Reid’s past coming back to bite her, showing that she does not have the views that she preaches every weekend on far-left MSNBC.

In numerous tweets, Reid has tried to show that she cares about the children who are separated from their parents at the border after their parents are arrested for committing crimes: