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REVEALED: Joy Reid’s Tweets Using Transphobic Slurs, Sexual Slurs On Women

By  Ryan Saavedra

Old tweets from embattled MSNBC host Joy Reid show that she used transphobic slurs to attack Ann Coulter and made vile sexual comments attacking Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife.

In a tweet from June 2010, Reid fat-shamed Rush Limbaugh, suggesting that he was gay, writing: “#Rush Limbaugh’s fourth marriage offers a hopeful message for fat, grimey closet-cases everywhere. Get rich. (Karl Rove, you’re on deck!)”

In a tweet from July 2010, Reid referred to Ann Coulter as a “shim,” writing: “‘@ricksanchezcnn: i’m going to interview ann coulter tonite , what do u want me to ask her?’ /don’t you mean ‘shim?'”

According to GLAAD, which is an LGBT rights organization, the term “shim” is a derogatory term that is used to “dehumanize transgender people and should not be used in mainstream media.”

In a tweet from November 2010, Reid said she loved an article about “Barack Obama’s Indonesian Tranny Nanny.”

In a tweet from February 2011, Reid referred to Ann Coulter as a Drag Queen, writing: “Sorry @Lawrence. I’m not gonna watch Ann Coulter. I like my drag queens fierce. Not a way to build ratings, my man.”

GLAAD notes that “Drag queens are men, typically gay men, who dress like women for the purpose of entertainment.”

In a tweet from May 2011, Reid made a vile sexual comment about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, writing: “@dvnix and you know, when you combine Clarence Thomas, his history and his wife’s teabaging? Well that’s just gross. #throwingupnow”

Reid is currently under fire after new anti-gay posts were found on her blog that she claims were fabricated. Reid previously admitted to writing some of the posts when several of them were found late last year.

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