Joy Behar Suggests Americans Who Are Worried About Inflation Are Stupid
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Joy Behar lashed out at Americans worried about inflation on Thursday, suggesting that they were stupid if they were more worried about inflation than they were about the state of democracy in the United States.

Behar and her cohosts spent the opening moments of ABC’s midday talk show “The View” complaining about the fact that Republican messaging regarding inflation and economic issues appeared to be resonating with voters who were struggling to fill their gas tanks and put food on the table.


“GOP candidates’ big messages are blaming Biden for inflation and that Democrats are soft on crime,” Goldberg began. “Who knows what’s resonating now? I’m so confused by everything that I’m seeing because you would think — there used to be a way to stamp out the lie, but I guess lying’s the new ‘in.'”

Joy Behar added her two cents next, arguing that Biden was only failing to resonate with voters because he was “trying to appeal” to their intelligence rather than their emotions.

“What Biden is trying to do, is he’s trying to appeal to the intelligence of the American voter — by saying, yes, there are problems, we have inflation. By the way, you want to live in a dictatorship, go to Hungary, where it’s 20% inflation over there,” Behar argued, suggesting that Republicans were looking at Hungary — a nation that depends on Russia for over 75% of its oil supply — as an example. “You know, they had this guy Victor Orban speak at CPAC one time and Tucker Carter — Carlson, whatever his name is — he’s a fan of this dictator.”

“This is what we can look forward to with all these Republicans in office, and I think he’s trying to point that out,” Behar continued, going on to explain why people should be more worried about the state of democracy than immediate concerns like the ability to heat a home or feed a family.

“As I always say, inflation fluctuates. Democracy does not. And so, we need to know that. I don’t want to make a speech, I’m just saying, I feel like people are not comprehending the seriousness of what is going on,” she concluded.

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