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Joy-Ann Reid: ‘Make America Great Again’ Is Racist

Not-so-subtly implying that “Make America Great Again” amounts to an anti-black racist or racial campaign slogan targeting whites, left-wing political pundit Joy-Ann Reid of like-minded MSNBC claimed that Donald Trump was appealing to “nostalgia” among “white voters[s]” for legally-sanctioned racial discrimination.

Joining Sunday’s Meet The Press panel, Reid inserted the commentary while opining on Hillary Clinton’s new slogan “We’re Stronger Together.”

“What Donald Trump sort of hit upon with his ‘Make America Great Again’ message is this sense of nostalgia, that a certain kind of white, particularly white voter has for a bygone era, and it gets right to it,” said Reid.

Left-wing media has been deriding Trump’s campaign slogan as appealing to what it implies is pervasive anti-black racism among white Republican voters.

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Vice-President Joe Biden deployed a similar message in 2012, telling a mostly black audience that Republicans wanted to enslave them.

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