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Joss Whedon Wants President Trump To ‘Die, Don. Just Quietly Die.’

By  Emily

“Avengers” director Joss Whedon is mad as hell at President Donald Trump and he just can’t take it any more . . . or so he Tweeted.

It comes as no surprise that Whedon, who rose to fame in science fiction entertainment but has suffered something of a career downturn since being named in a series of #MeToo-related sexual harassment and sexual impropriety allegations, isn’t a fan of Donald Trump. But his emotions were clearly getting the better of him on Wednesday when he Tweeted a presidential death wish.

“My hate and sadness are exhausting,” Whedon wrote. “Die, Don. Just quietly die.”

The replies weren’t so much angry as they were concerned. The top two or three responses to Whedon’s post encourage him to seek psychological help for his Trump obsession, particularly if its having such a dramatic impact on his physical and emotional well-being. You might disagree with Donald Trump, but when Trump Derangement Syndrome has become such a foundational part of your psyche, it’s time get a hobby. Meditate. Go outside. Find some puppies. Take up knitting.


Death wish and cry for help aside, Whedon’s post does beg the question: at what point will these hyper-emotional, pseudo-apocryphal proclamations and dire lamentations end and the people who issue them are forced to admit that, aside from presiding over a few largely moderate pieces of legislation, a travel ban, and a bloated Congressional budget, Donald Trump has failed to single-handedly bring about the end of America as we know it.

There are no prison camps, no roving packs of wolves anywhere except Detroit (and those predate the current administration), and Vice President Mike Pence has stubbornly refused to bring about “The Handmaid’s Tale,” or force members of the LGBT community to undergo compulsory electroshock therapy.

Heck, Joss Whedon’s movies have been doing great. And he doesn’t even live in real America. His neighbors all voted for Clinton! He’s hasn’t had to actually make physical contact with poor people since 1998.

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