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Jorge Ramos Says He’s ‘Independent’ And ‘Not Partisan,’ Praises Megyn Kelly

Displaying a remarkable lack of self-awareness, Univision’s icon Jorge Ramos rejected a description of himself and his network as “anti-Trump” while describing himself as “not partisan” and “independent.” The face of left-wing Democrat billionaire Haim Saban’s Spanish language network, Ramos presented himself as edifying objective journalism while speaking with Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly on Wednesday.

Openly anti-American and an advocate for the invasion of the U.S. by Mexicans and other persons through the porous southern border, Ramos described Donald Trump as a “racist” while implying that Mexicans constituted a race of people.

“We’re tough on Donald Trump, because what he’s saying… we cannot allow racism and discrimination to be normal,” said Ramos. “When you say that Mexican immigrants are criminals or rapists, that is for many people, a racist remark.”

Repeating the lie that illegal immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans, Ramos parroted the conclusion of a report produced by a left-wing open-borders think tank widely circulated by left-wing media.

According to Ramos, bringing in more illegal immigrants is a strategy to combat crime.

Continually perpetuating the lie that Trump referred to Mexicans en masse as “rapists,” Ramos declared that his journalistic code of conduct compelled him to “take a stand” – as per the title of his new book – against bigotry he dishonestly attributed to the Republican front-runner.

“I think as a journalist, you have to take a stand when it comes to racism and discrimination,” said Ramos.

Despite the fact that the Mexican government is open about its official policy of offloading responsibility for its worst people onto American taxpayers by encouraging and facilitating illegal migration, Ramos argued to the contrary.

“Mexico is not a conspiracy. Mexico is not sending their immigrants,” insisted Ramos.

Ramos then criticized Fox News Channel’s coverage of the New York City billionaire, accusing the network of “[letting] Trump get away with everything.” Hedging his criticism, however, he praised the network’s rising star Megyn Kelly for advancing the left-wing “War on Women” trope in the first Republican presidential debate against Trump.

“Megyn Kelly, she had great question to him, right? About women,” said Ramos. “Fantastic question. She’s been tough.”

After O’Reilly framed him as having gone beyond the legitimate boundaries of commentary permitted for a “hard news anchorman,” Ramos reaffirmed his self-description as a straight news reporter.

“But I am not partisan. I am just independent,” concluded Ramos.

Below is an example of Ramos illustrating his journalistic bona fides.

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