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Jon Voight: ‘Trump Is The Greatest President Since Abraham Lincoln’

Jon Voight has a message for the American people — “Donald Trump is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.”

The Academy Award-winning actor and star of Showtime’s “Ray Donovan” posted his message as a video on Twitter Friday night. In it, Voight urges Americans not to be “fooled by the political left.” America, he states, is “witnessing triumph” and is “stronger, safer, and with more jobs because our president has made his every move correct.”

This is not the first time Voight has released a message to the American people from his Twitter account. In April, he offered a brief address on Twitter in support of Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who he says “we need very much at this time when our president is being attacked with lies and slanders from the media.”

Voight was an early and outspoken supporter of candidate Donald Trump and has been one of the president’s most ardent defenders in Hollywood. He spoke several times at various events during Mr. Trump’s inauguration, including during the inauguration concert, during which he declared, “God answered our prayers.”

Voight, one of the few outspoken conservative voices in Hollywood, is currently working alongside Dennis Quaid on a drama on Ronald Reagan which follows the actor-turned-president from “his childhood to his time in the oval office.” Voight also recently played Justice Warren E. Burger in the film “Roe v. Wade” (in post-production), which tells the story of the “national battle in this untold conspiracy that led to the most famous and controversial court case in history.”

Along with his roles in several television series over his decades-long career, Voight has starred in major films from a wide range of genres, including “Catch-22” (1970), “Deliverance” (1972), “Heat” (1995), “Mission Impossible” (1996), “Transformers” (2007) and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” (2016). Voight was nominated for Academy Awards for best actor in a leading role for “Midnight Cowboy” (1969) and “Runaway Train” (1985) and best actor in a supporting role for “Ali” (2001). In 1979, he won the Oscar for best actor in a leading role for “Coming Home” (1978). He’s also won several Golden Globes, including two for his role as Mickey Donovan.

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