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Jeremy Piven Reportedly PASSES Lie Detector Test After Sexual Assault Allegations

Jeremy Piven was determined to prove that sexual assault allegations against him were bogus. Last week, the actor reportedly took — and passed — a lie detector test designed to determine whether he groped three actresses and sent several women lewd text messages.

According to the New York Daily News, the “Entourage” star specifically asked for the polygraph after being accused of groping Arianne Bellamar, Tiffany Bacon and Amy Meador.

The star, the Daily News reported, was asked whether he sent “explicit and/or abusive text messages,” “grabbed or fondled a woman’s genitals, breasts or buttocks without their consent” or “used force to restrain a woman against their will.” Piven passed with flying colors.

Although lie detector tests are inadmissible as evidence in court, the fact that Piven passed his polygraph is enough to shed doubt on the three women’s accusations. Although the actor has “unequivocally denied” harassing Bellamar, Bacon and Meador, the lie detector adds an additional level of credence to his statement.

Piven, oddly, is the only one of the several actors targeted in a wave of sexual harassment claims that has gripped Hollywood and the entertainment and media industries, to offer to take the polygraph test. He’s also the only one — so far — who has been able to push back successfully against claims that he treated women without respect while working on set.