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Jeremy Corbyn Aide Wrote Hitler Was ‘Uniquely Excoriated Because His Victims Were Almost All White Europeans’

In a book he coauthored in 2009, a man who is now a trusted aide to British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn argued that Nazi leader Adolph Hitler was unfairly singled out for criticism because “his victims were almost all white Europeans.”

Andrew Murray wrote in “The Imperial Controversy: Challenging the Empire Apologists,” which he coauthored with Seumas Milne, who is currently Corbyn’s communications director:

Hitler is uniquely excoriated because his victims were almost all white Europeans, while those of Britain (and other classic colonialisms — French, Belgian, Dutch, Italian and Wilhelmine German) were Asian, African and Arabs. That Hitler’s regime is seen as the most bestial of modern times is not of course objectionable. What needs to be confronted is the view that the crimes of other great powers of the last 150 years or so, being less lurid than those of the Nazis, can therefore be subject to a more nuanced judgment, in which the deaths of millions of people on the one hand can be offset against the construction of railways on the other. The British Empire was almost certainly responsible for more human deaths, albeit over a considerably longer period of time, than Hitler was.

Corbyn, who is regarded warmly by Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who also is close chums with anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan OImar (D-MN) and refused to condemn the anti-Semitism within the Women’s March, has his own history of anti-Semitism, including calling members of Hamas and Hezbollah friends, carrying a wreath and visiting a plaque honoring the terrorist group Black September, which murdered Israel athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, opposing taking down a mural that was blatantly anti-Semitic, and tolerating increasing anti-Semitism in his own party, the latter a posture which has been emulated by the Democratic Party in America, leading to some referring to the current “Corbynization” of the Democratic party.

Murray’s attorney attempted to defend his client by stating, “Mr. Murray’s reference to Nazi victims being white Europeans, in addition to the six million Jewish victims, includes millions of others stretching from victims in the USSR to those of the London Blitz,” adding that the quotation about Hitler “makes no reference to the Holocaust specifically. It is a reference to all white European victims of Nazi Germany’s actions in World War II.” The attorney noted that Murray said in May 2016, “Antisemitism was one of the greatest evils and led to the greatest crimes of the 20th century.”

Yet Murray’s own anti-Semitism has been amply demonstrated, as The Times points out, calling the Jewish state of Israel a “white settler state” in the 2009 book as well as stating, “To ask Muslim community leaders to tackle ‘extremism’ effectively when every night you can see on television a Muslim child being pulled lifeless from the rubble caused by the operations of the bloc of the USA, Britain, Israel and other white settler states like Canada and Australia is asking a lot.”

Additionally, The Times noted that in 2005, Murray co-authored a history of the Stop The War Coalition in 2005 which carried an illustration of a poster stating “Israel Stop Killing Children,” with the letters of the title appearing to drip blood.

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