Jeremy Boreing Drops First Look Photos Of ‘The Pendragon Cycle’ Cast In Costume 

Brett Cooper on set of The Pendragon Cycle
Photo Credit: Dávid Lukács

Anticipation is growing for the new DailyWire+ heroic adventure series “The Pendragon Cycle” as more details, including some of the main characters wearing their costumes, are revealed.

Jeremy Boreing, co-founder of The Daily Wire, has shared several sneak peeks from the set as the team films on location in Hungary and Italy.

Boreing shared a photo of Tom Sharp dressed as Merlin while posing on horseback on September 21. 

“You people of the Island of the Mighty, stand! Stop your trembling; take heart, and make ready rich welcome. For the Soul of Britain is stirring again. Merlin is coming home,” the caption said.

Fans were thrilled to have a first look at the characters in costume. 

“YES! The Hawk!” one follower wrote.

“Glad they got his eyes right! Definitely giving off a wolf-like vibes like it says in the books,” another commenter observed.

Another post showed The Daily Wire’s Brett Cooper as Ganieda along with the caption, “A Princess of the Fair Folk.”

The photo of Rose Reid looking regal as Charis, “The Lady of the Lake,” also got rave reviews. “Absolutely stunning and iconic,” one fan responded.

Yesterday, Boreing shared an image of James Arden outfitted as Taliesin and teased a bit of the language conventions from the series. 

On Friday, he revealed a photo of Emree Franklin posing as Morgian, “The Queen of Air and Darkness.”

Comments on that image were just as enthusiastic. “These costumes are extraordinary!” one person raved. 

The Daily Wire co-founder has been sharing tidbits for months, which is just helping generate excitement for the new project.

“It’s a crazy thing… We wrote some words on a page in Nashville and now a crew is building a village in Hungary. #ThePendragonCycle,” Boreing shared on Instagram in late August alongside a photo showing the beginning stages of construction for the show’s set.

“The Pendragon Cycle” is a reimagining of the legend of King Arthur based on the multi-award-winning books by Stephen R. Lawhead. Film and television rights to the series were purchased by DailyWire+ in November 2022.

“I have dreamt of bringing Stephen R. Lawhead’s books to the screen for twenty-five years,” Boreing said of spearheading the project. “Based on perhaps the most impactful myth in Western tradition, the Legend of King Arthur, this series helped shape my worldview since reading it as a teenager. Yet it is bittersweet, as to bring this project to screen means to leave the country and temporarily step down from my role as co-CEO of The Daily Wire.”

Season 1 of the DailyWire+ series is inspired by Lawhead’s first two books, depicting a time when Christianity was beginning to spread. It will focus on a group of believers who rely on their faith in God as Barbarian tribes relentlessly attack.

The first season of “The Pendragon Cycle” is slated for a 2024 premiere. The series will be available exclusively on DailyWire+.

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