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Jeb Bush Has Now Called In Every Member Of His Family To New Hampshire

If Jeb Bush has a family dog, it might want to spruce up its act and get ready, because Bush is calling on every member of the Bush family to help him prop up his moribund and near-terminal campaign.

First Bush called on his brother, former president George W., to bolster his chances by appearing at closed-door functions and fundraisers as far back as October; then he called his mommy, who started a “Run, Jeb, Run” fund last March, to cheer for her son in a video just before the Iowa caucuses, despite the fact that last June she pledged, “I’ve promised that during this next campaign season, I will not talk. No, I won’t give any interviews … I don’t tweet … No Instagram …. I’m not gonna be musing about someone who does something stupid in the campaign.” The Bush campaign announced that Barbara Bush, who is 90 years old, will campaign for Jeb in New Hampshire. George W. Bush is expected to campaign for Jeb in South Carolina.

Now Jeb is calling on his son, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, to attack fellow Texan Ted Cruz, according to The Washington Examiner. The Examiner reported that on Wednesday, George P. Bush told grassroots supporters that Cruz’s victory in the Iowa caucuses was an “aberration.” Bush reasoned thus: “I’m a Texan and my junior senator is Ted Cruz. The reason why he won is because he went all-in in Iowa. He had over 1,200 volunteers and devoted the better part of eight months to doing what he did, but if you look at a campaign over the course of 50 states not to mention six U.S. possessions that will have a voice in this, you’ll see that our campaign from a grassroots standpoint has the most organized level.”

Bush’s obfuscation ignores one massive fact: Jeb Bush spent more on ads in Iowa than any other candidate. According to NBC News, Bush’s Super PAC spent almost $15 million in the state; Marco Rubio’s campaign, Super PAC, and 501c4 outside group campaign spent nearly $12 million, while Cruz spent a comparatively paltry $6 million.

So much for Bush not going all in.

“The reason why he won is because he went all-in in Iowa.”

Jeb Bush’s son, George P., attacking Ted Cruz, ignoring the fact that his father outspent Cruz more than 2 to 1 in Iowa.

George P. Bush continued, “We need a sensible, pragmatic conservative who’s got a substantive track record as a proven governor in a really important state like Florida and that’s something that’s unique about the top tier candidates that remain in this field. We’ve got two senators, one of whom is my senator, they give a great speech. They’re phenomenally talented, but we need an actual leader who’s been at the helm of a large state government.”