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Jason Whitlock Slams Popovich Citing ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Narrative: ‘He’s Intentionally Promoting Racial Animus’
Jason Whitlock
The Daily Wire

On Monday, sports journalist Jason Whitlock, who is one of the few sports journalists who does not follow the herd of those subscribing to political correctness, slammed San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich for promoting the false “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative about Michael Brown.

Writing at Outkick the Coverage, Whitlock stated bluntly, “Popovich is not dumb. He’s intentionally promoting racial animus.”

Whitlock began by noting that initially he had believed the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative, but later he changed his mind, after interviewing Twitter activist Shaun King, realizing King was a “race hoax, Talcum X,” and hearing the “Department of Justice, under the guidance of President Barack Obama and attorney general Eric Holder,” acknowledge that Brown didn’t have his hands up, Brown reached inside officer Darren Wilson’s patrol car and fought for control of Wilson’s gun and Wilson shot Brown while Brown was running toward Wilson.

Whitlock wrote, “I know no longer pretend Michael Brown was an innocent victim of police brutality. The facts do not support that bogus narrative. These facts were made public more than four years ago.”

“So why did San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich spend three minutes Sunday promoting a Michael Brown narrative debunked by a black president, a black attorney general and colorblind facts?” Whitlock asked, adding, “Has someone or some organization asked Popovich to irresponsibly spew racial conspiracy theories? Racial unrest and violence have rocked this country for two months. Why would Popovich agitate an already tense situation with lies?”

Popovich claimed Brown “received six shots in the back that killed him,” adding, “And it’s just another example of an overall culture, not every policeman, so don’t take it out of context, but an overall culture that sort of presumes guilt, or feels danger because it’s a young black man.”

Whitlock noted, “Brown was not shot in the back. According to forensic evidence, all six bullets entered Brown from the front as he charged toward Wilson. Darren Wilson felt danger because Brown reached inside a police car and attempted to grab Wilson’s gun.”

“Why are Popovich and other angry white liberals constantly pushing black people to hold onto the wrongs of the past?” Whitlock asked. “Is any other group repeatedly asked to do this by outside forces? Has Popovich ever climbed on his high horse and ranted about the crimes committed against Jewish people or Japanese people or Italians?”

“Popovich’s actions create the impression that he wants black people angry, emotional and looking in the rearview mirror,” he continued. “You can’t see what’s in front of you when you’re obsessed with what’s behind you.”

Whitlock wrote succinctly, “Popovich is not dumb. He’s intentionally promoting racial animus.”

“The pervasive police hostility has elevated violent crime in poor black communities,” Whitlock noted. “Murder rates are climbing in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and other major cities. Police can’t protect our most vulnerable citizens because their communities are seething with an irrational level of anger toward law enforcement that has been promoted by Popovich, Steve Kerr and their comrades in the media.”

He concluded, “A reporter inside the Orlando bubble should ask Gregg Popovich why he lied about Michael Brown’s encounter with Darren Wilson. I don’t believe it was an accident. The smartest coach in basketball isn’t that stupid.”

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