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Jason Chaffetz On New Revealed Flynn Documents: ‘I Do Think It Is The Smoking Gun’
Representative Jason Chaffetz
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On Monday morning, former House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz said of the internal memos released from the FBI’s investigation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, “I do think it is the smoking gun.”

He continued, “It’s hard to believe that there is anything other than direct acknowledgment and direction from the president of the U.S. to the FBI director, who then does things a couple of weeks later that is totally unprecedented in storming, in that the White House, putting this ambush together, and going after General Flynn like we’ve never seen before.”

Fox News reported, “Chaffetz said that ‘what bugs him’ is that the FBI did not give the incoming president the ‘courtesy and respect’ of giving him a ‘one-on-one’ defensive briefing.” Chaffetz added, “They totally bypassed that. That is fundamentally and totally wrong and shame on Barack Obama for doing that.” He concluded, “At the core, the thing that scares Obama and Biden is the truth.”

On Sunday, Chaffetz appeared on Fox News with host Harris Faulkner. He stated:

What Devin Nunes was telling us for years was true. What Trey Gowdy was reporting that was happening in the Intel Committee was true. And it is absolutely stunning how many Democrats that were there in the room supporting Adam Schiff continued day after day to just flat-out lie to the American people. I don’t understand why Adam Schiff continues to have a security clearance; when you go in to get an intel briefing, by the way,  you sign a document that you will not reveal what’s going on there, but evidently it’s not worth the piece of paper that it’s written on.  I gotta tell you, it is stunning what the upper echelon of the Department of Justice did; there’s gonna be a lot of talk, but what really matters is what Attorney General Barr and Mr. Durham do with this because there need to be consequences from the misuse of power.

Asked what the consequences should be after the new revelations, he answered:

For lawmakers, like an Adam Schiff, that really has to happen at the ballot box. Are the American people gonna put Nancy Pelosi back in office? But again, I don’t think that security clearances should be given to those who misuse that intelligence for their personal political gain and just flat-0out lie about the content of that. Now within the Department of Justice itself, remember, we have Horowitz, who is a real professional, the Inposector general, who has issued thousands of pages, documenting with serious detail, and made criminal recommendations to the Department of Justice to prosecute those within the Department of Justice. It’s just we’ve never actually seen the Department of Justice prosecute one of its own lately; they don’t seem to do that; they go after other people and it’s this double standard where justice is administered differently within the Department of Justice than it is on the American people. That still needs to play out.

Faulkner asked Chaffetz about Schiff’s statement that the transcripts showed that the Trump campaign and President Trump himself ‘invited illicit Russian help … made full use of that help, and then lied and obstructed the investigations in order to cover up this misconduct.”

Chaffetz replied, “Today is one of the worst weeks that Adam Schiff and the Democrats have had because they’ve been lying to us for three years.”

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