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Janice Dean Blasts ‘The View’ For Refusing To Have Her On The Show
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On Tuesday, Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean, who has been fiercely condemning Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for almost a year over his policies that potentially resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly people in nursing homes from COVID-19, blasted ABC’s “The View” for refusing to have her as a guest on the show.

Dean tweeted Tuesday, “My publicist asked the @TheView several times if I could come on (to promote my book) but also as someone that could talk about @NYGovCuomo and what I’ve been doing for 10 months to raise awareness and accountability for my husband’s parents’ deaths. Guess what they said?”

Turning to “View” co-host Sunny Hostin, Dean slammed her for targeting Republican governors while leaving Cuomo free from criticism: “And yet @sunny can go on every day and bash other governors (calling the governor of Florida ‘Death-santis’) instead of calling out Cuomo for ordering over 9,000 COVID patients into nursing homes, covering up their deaths and oh, sexually harassing at least 7 women.”

Dean’s last comment is a reference to sexual misconduct allegations by seven women against the governor which he has pushed back against.

“I must say that @Meghan McCain has been trying to shout for months about Cuomo, but when you have all the other women drowning her out and saying NO to her good friend who has been screaming for 10 months, it’s kinda telling where their loyalties are,” Dean stated.

She added bluntly, “And I would not have mentioned this, but seeing @JoyVBehar@sunny yesterday saying they’d basically rather have criminal @NYGovCuomo than a Republican governor in office makes me sick. People ask why I would want to go on that show? Because if even one of their viewers realizes @NYGovCuomo could be responsible for the thousands of lives we lost thanks to his deadly mandate, the criminal coverup and honor my parents, then it’s worth it.”

On March 25, 2020, the New York Department of Health issued an advisory that stated nursing homes had to accept residents returning from hospitals whether or not they had a diagnosis of COVID-19. The advisory stated:

During this global health emergency, all NHs must comply with the expedited receipt of residents returning from hospitals to NHs. Residents are deemed appropriate for return to a NH upon a determination by the hospital physician or designee that the resident is medically stable for return.  Hospital discharge planners must confirm to the NH, by telephone, that the resident is medically stable for discharge. Comprehensive discharge instructions must be provided by the hospital prior to the transport of a resident to the NH.

No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. NHs are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.

In mid-May 2020, Dean targeted the mainstream media for its neglect to adequately cover Cuomo’s nursing home policy, saying it should be “one of the biggest” stories of the year. She asserted, “I have not seen the coverage of this … Twenty percent of our lost loved ones are from nursing homes … because Governor Cuomo and several other governors forced COVID-recovering patients into nursing homes.”

In June 2020, Dean, whose husband tragically lost both his parents to COVID-19, slammed CNN for a nine-minute interview with Cuomo in which they never asked him about the state’s prior policy on returning nursing home residents to their homes even if they had the virus.

She tweeted, “How hard is it to ask the question about 6,000+ New York seniors that were sitting ducks thanks to @NYGov Cuomo’s order to contaminate nursing homes with Covid positive patients? What if it was 6,000 kids? Would that make a difference? It shouldn’t. Do your job @CNN.”

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