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Jane Fonda, Amy Schumer To Headline ‘Get Out The Vote’ Online Telethon

By  Emily Zanotti

Noted fan of the VietCong, Jane Fonda, and dedicated leftist “comedian” Amy Schumer, will headline an “online telethon” next Monday night to encourage young people to “to pledge to vote in Tuesday’s congressional midterm elections,” Yahoo News reports.

In a demonstration certain to be just as effective as their protests against Kavanaugh — which saw Schumer “arrested” by choice, and “handcuffed” with zip ties before being led off to a “holding facility” — Fonda and Schumer plan to outline reasons Millennials should forgot their phobia of actually visiting a post office, and cast their ballots in the midterm elections.

The telethon, titled, of course, “Telethon for America,” will be will be “streamed live starting at 9 p.m. ET on Monday on YouTube, Facebook Live and Comedy Central’s website, organizers said in a statement,” according to Yahoo.

But Schumer and Fonda won’t be the only social media leftists to star in the torturous online display. Director Judd Apatow, who regularly tweets hysterical conspiracy theories about President Donald Trump, will join the pair of aging activists, as will noted political expert Chelsea Handler, as will someone named Olga Kay, who is touted as a “celebrity activist, but has a suspiciously limited IMDB profile that includes credits for playing a circus juggler on “CSI:NY.”

A tentative schedule for the telethon reveals that “more than 50” celebrities will put on skits, do monologues, and take part in “musical performances” designed to encourage young people to take time out of their busy lives of doing nothing to cast a ballot on Tuesday in key states.

They anticipate that the telethon will be a rousing success, perhaps because the program’s target demographic is simply too young to know who Jane Fonda actually is (aside from her appearance in a mid-1990s romantic comedy alongside Jennifer Lopez).

Make no mistake, the effort is serious; it’s sponsored by “When We All Vote,” a prominent, “non-partisan” voter registration and encouragement effort backed by none other than Michelle Obama. Obama helped launch the project back in August, and has made several appearances under the “When We All Vote” banner, often alongside more relevant Hollywood A-listers, like Tom Hanks (also a founding member of the effort).

Right now, millennial turnout isn’t expected to be high. Analysts are predicting that only around 30% of millennials actually plan on voting at the midterms. But if that number holds true, it will be a record turnout for voters aged 18-35, who typically ignore midterm elections, largely out of the belief that congressional contests aren’t worth the same time and energy as presidential campaigns.

This year, though, Democrats have managed to convince “woke” millennials that the midterms make a difference, and that voting for Democratic candidates is part and parcel of opposing the Trump administration’s agenda. But it’s not immediately clear if involving Amy Schumer in that effort will help “get out the vote” in key states or turn millennials off completely.

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