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Jake Tapper Refuses To Ask Clinton About Corruption Allegations

Left-wing CNN’s Jake Tapper continued his refusal to ask Hillary Clinton any questions about allegations of corruption in relation to the ostensibly charitable Clinton Foundation. Speaking with the former first lady on Tuesday, he broadly asked Clinton about Donald Trump’s fundraising for veterans’ causes, press availability, and her use of a personal email server and account during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Over the course of several interviews conducted with her during this presidential campaign season, Tapper has never asked Clinton about allegations in Peter Schweizer’s exposé Clinton Cash.

Asked what she had done to benefit veterans’ causes and what she had donated to such endeavors, Clinton claimed to have driven policies to increase taxpayer funding for governmental benefits for veterans during her governmental career.

“I of course have given money to veterans’ charities,” claimed Clinton. Tapper did not press for evidence or specifics.

As a senator and first lady, Clinton claimed, she had “raised funding” for “some of the problems that veterans have.”

Tapper also asked Clinton about her press availability, noting that she had not done a press conference in five or six months.

Falsely claiming that she had done hundreds of interviews in 2016, Clinton received no challenge from Tapper.

“It has been pointed out to me that it’s been something like 5 or 6 months since you’ve held an actual press conference. Is that something you’re going to remedy soon?” asked Tapper.

“I was shocked myself that I’ve done nearly 300 interviews,” said Clinton. “And they’re not even sure they’ve captured all the ones that I’ve done. I believe that we do and we should answer questions. Of course I’m going to in many many different kinds of settings.”

Claiming that she had “always” placed national security ahead of her own interests, Clinton repeated her refrain that her use of an unsecured private email server and account through which to execute communications in her former capacity as Secretary of State was the equivalent of former heads of the State Department. Tapper did not challenge this falsehood.

CNN presents itself as an objective news outlet. Earlier this month, CNN’s president Jeff Zucker claimed his left-wing network was “a little too liberal.”

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