It’s Happening In Michigan, Too. Poll Shows Clinton Up By Seven.

A new Michigan poll is confirming the bump Hillay Clinton got from her debate against Donald Trump Monday night, showing her with a sizable seven-point advantage: 42%-35%.

The Detroit News/WDIV-TV poll found 62.5% of respondents believing that Trump is unfit to be president; with 57% feeling Hillary Clinton was qualified to serve.

Pollster Richard Czuba stated, “The problem for Trump is the debate was the prime opportunity to shift that perception that he wasn’t qualified. That should have been their No. 1 goal in the debate to come off as a qualified, calm leader.”

52% of respondents thought Clinton won the debate; a paltry 20% said Trump won. Only 45% of Trump supporters thought he won the debate; 88% of Clinton supporters thought she won.

Clinton led with women, 48%-27%; Trump led by a smaller margin with men, 44%-35%. Among blacks, Clinton held a staggering 80%-3.5% lead. Czuba commented, “He has made no headway whatsoever. None.”

Clinton led on “understanding family issues” by thirteen points, 48%-35%, and a whopping 28 points on foreign policy, 58%-30%.