‘It Wasn’t Enough That You Exploited Yourself’: Megyn Kelly Blows Up On Kim Kardashian Who Puts Her Kids ‘On Camera At Every Turn’

Megyn Kelly poses for photos on the red carpet during the Childhelp's 15th annual Drive The Dream Gala at The Phoenician Resort on February 02, 2019 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Kim Kardashian attends the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium on October 09, 2022 in Inglewood, California.
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Megyn Kelly said she doesn’t “feel empathetic” towards Kim Kardashian, saying that it apparently “wasn’t enough” for the reality star to exploit herself — she was dragging her kids into the spotlight.

During the Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast on Tuesday, the host spoke with the hosts of the Fifth Column Podcast, noting that “The Kardashians” star said she was “sad” because her ex-husband Kanye West mentioned the name of her kids school on social media and is reportedly now paying for extra security there.

“I do not feel empathetic toward Kim Kardashian in general,” Kelly told her guests. “I’ve been going on a tear over her for the past couple of days because every time I open my paper, there she is again. And I find it deeply alarming. Like, what are we celebrating? Her enormous fake a**?”


“Her extreme plastic surgery,” she added, as her guests suggested that the Kardashian “isn’t writing the stories.”

“Oh, she is too,” Megyn blasted back. “She has orchestrated every single one of the photographs you’ve ever seen. There isn’t one that is organic. Every single time the paparazzi has been called by her, and lured to the location. And then she shows the bottom and then she photoshops it.”

And then she denies that she’s done any of that s***,” she added. “And then little girls all over America are like ‘oh why isn’t my bottom five times the size that it is without any surgery whatsoever. I must be inadequate.'”

Kelly said mothers all over America then tell their daughters “no sweetheart, you are not.’ But they continue to see this absurd, obscene images of her. And then she’s like ‘oh you know I’m sad that my children’s school was mentioned by Kanye.'”

“You’re the one who puts them on camera at every turn,” Kelly continued. “It wasn’t enough that you exploited yourself and you put out your own sex tape. We all know it. And then pretended to be a victim about it.”

“But now you’ve got your kids at every public event,” the host added. “You put their faces on the camera almost as much as you put your own face on the camera. To the point where your kids are trying to hide when you bring them to the fashion shows. They don’t want to be public figures. So I don’t feel sorry for her!”

The former Fox News host later said the “Kardashian brand is dangerous” and is “setting a terrible example for our young kids.”

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