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Israeli Advocacy Group: British Jews Should Support Brexit

By  Michael

An Israeli advocacy group named Regavim is urging British Jews to vote ‘’Leave” in the upcoming European Union (EU) referendum vote on Thursday. Regavim argues that the EU has long been biased against the Jewish State.

“The group claims that European aid money to the Palestinians has reached terrorists, and that the EU is funding illegal Palestinian construction in the West Bank,” reports The New York Times. “It also alleges an EU rule labeling settlement exports to Europe is anti-Semitic, and that the EU funds hostile anti-Israel groups.”

Regavim is affiliated with pro-settler andJewish indigenous rights movements in Israel. The European Union considers Jewish “settlements” in the historically Jewish territories of Samaria and Judea – known to Palestinians as the West Bank and Gaza – to be illegal.

EU Israel policies against Israel are “aggressive and destructive,” explained Regavim spokesman Josh Hasten.

Scheduled for June 23, the referendum is set to be one of the most consequential in the UK’s history, with voters deciding if their state will “Remain” within or “Leave” the EU.

British Prime Minister David Cameron initially proposed the referendum to assuage the nationalist faction in his own Conservative Party. Pro-EU members of parliament expected the vote to be ceremonial, designed only to place a muzzle on “fringe” Conservative MPs.

The ‘Leave’ EU movement, however, has turned out to be anything but ceremonial. Elites in London appeared to severely underestimate the high levels of popular discontent in the north as a result of the EU’s lax Muslim migration policies. Many Brits feel as though their country’s identity is being fundamentally challenged by hordes of Muslim refugees sanctioned by EU bureaucrats and forced across British borders.

After a slow start, “Vote Leave” is now neck and neck with “Remain.” The latest polls suggest the British public is nearly split at 44%, with the remaining percentage being undecided.

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