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THIS IS ISRAEL: Israeli Doctors Perform Transplant To Save Palestinian Baby Using Israeli Child’s Heart

Despite the repellent claims of Palestinians in the past that Israel has targeted Palestinian children, the truth of Israeli compassion relentlessly finds its way to the world. A Palestinian baby in a Tel Aviv hospital is fighting for his life, but the only reason the baby is still alive is that an Israeli family that lost their one-year-old child the week before agreed to donate the child’s heart only hours before the Palestinian child became the recipient of a heart transplant, performed by Israeli doctors.

As The Times of Israel reports, Dr. David Mishaly, chief surgeon at Sheba’s Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery Unit, stated that this was the first time a Palestinian baby received a heart transplant from a Jewish child. Around three weeks ago, Musa’s health took a turn for the worse; his heart reached “end stage” failure.

The synchronicity of the situation was this: the Jewish child died of a chronic disease at the medical center; the Palestinian baby, Musa, had been sent by doctors in Ramallah in the West Bank to Sheba’s Safra Children’s Hospital repeatedly so they could treat him. Musa was born with tumors surrounding his heart.

Mishaly explained:

There were several miracles associated with this complicated surgery. There is no such thing in the Palestinian Authority as an ‘organ donor or organ waiting list.’ While organ donor and waiting lists exist in Israel, there was no Israeli baby on the waiting list when the Palestinian baby, who is called Musa, was brought to Sheba in very critical condition. By a twist of fate, a miracle, Musa, was able to receive the new heart from the Jewish child, whose parents had agreed a few hours earlier to donate the heart.

Mishaly called the medical center, “an island, an oasis of peace, where healing is the priority and everyone, regardless of who they are is treated equally, with dignity and respect.” Musa’s grandmother stated her family “would like to meet the family of the Jewish child in the near future and thank them for their generosity.”

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