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Iran’s Supreme Leader Becomes Latest ‘Expert’ To Weigh In On Gun Control

By  Emily Zanotti

Iran’s supreme leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei, became the latest weapons expert to weigh in on the current debate over U.S. gun policy. Unsurprisingly, the Middle Eastern dictator, who boasts a stranglehold over his own people, suggested that American leaders immediately disarm American citizens.

Khamenei’s “hard line” on guns is nothing new. One of the Ayatollah’s first orders of business when he came to power was to disarm his own citizens — a technique regularly used by “supreme leaders” to extend their tenures.

Ultimately, Khamenei makes a unique case that the Second Amendment is, in fact, an insurance policy against tyranny.

Now, of course, the Left, despite being vocal on gun control for the last several weeks, embracing nearly every unqualified expert in agreement with them up to and including members of the Kardashian family, has been silent on the Ayatollah’s expressed agreement with their agenda. But there is an undercurrent of support — as recently as early January, the Huffington Post wrote glowingly of some of the Ayatollah’s ideas.

Fortunately, Twitter users were quick to point out that the Ayatollah is, indeed, a dictator, well before anyone on the side of gun control could make a case that the Ayatollah is correct.

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