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Iran Says U.S. Will Face ‘Historic Regret’ For Pulling Out Of Nuclear Deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani issued what appeared to be a direct threat against the United States over Iranian state television Sunday, telling the country that the U.S. will face “historic regret” if President Donald Trump pulls out of an Obama-era nuclear deal.

“If America leaves the nuclear deal, this will entail historic regret for it,” Rouhani said. The Iranian President also claimed that he has “a plan to counter any decision Trump may take and we will confront it”.

The warning comes as the United States inches closer to abandoning the Obama Administration’s deal with Iran, designed to keep Iran’s nuclear weapons program “peaceful.” President Trump has been adamant that the Iran deal was a mistake and that the U.S. should either abandon or renegotiate the deal immediately (the preference is on “abandon”).

The United Nations and countries like France and Germany are trying to pressure the United States to stay in the deal, but just last week, Israel revealed that its Mossad intelligence agency discovered caches of Iranian documents admitting an aggressive nuclear weapons program existed as far back as 2003.

Israeli media also claimed, yesterday that the country is bracing for a nuclear attack from Iran in response to airstrikes Israel performed neutralizing Syria’s chemical weapons systems.

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