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The Internet Wants A Shapiro-Kimmel Debate For Charity. Shapiro’s Up For It.

On Tuesday, a suggestion was made on Twitter that seemed logical enough, considering that late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel envisions himself as an avatar for the Left: have him debate the guy with the leading conservative podcast in the country.

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Shapiro was obviously fine with the idea, since he retweeted the suggestion.

The proposal makes sense, since Shapiro has challenged Kimmel publicly on issues ranging from Obamacare (where Kimmel attempted to use his son’s open-heart surgery to emotionally bolster his case defending his support for Obamacare, only to have Shapiro rip his perspective and slam Kimmel for using his child as a prop while noting that his own daughter had the same surgery by the same doctor) to gun control. After Kimmel delivered an emotional rant calling for more gun control in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre and said Americans’ thoughts and prayers were insufficient, Shapiro pointed out the numerous lies Kimmel propounded, then responded:

I have a question: who died and made Jimmy Kimmel God? Who’s Jimmy Kimmel to decide whether thoughts, your thoughts and your prayers, are insufficient? So, your thoughts and prayers are only sufficient if you do what Jimmy Kimmel wants you to do? That’s the way this works now? Who died and made him Jesus? Really, how did this work exactly, that Jimmy Kimmel gets to be the great moral arbiter of our time? A late-night talk show host who used to host “The Man Show” with women bouncing on trampolines? He’s now the great arbiter of what constitutes morality in politics and if you disagree with him, your thoughts and prayers are insufficient. It doesn’t matter that you were fervently praying for the victims, doesn’t matter that you were donating your time or your blood. None of that matters if you disagree with Jimmy Kimmel; what you’ve done today is insufficient. You must pay. You will burn in the fiery bowels of Jimmy Kimmel’s hell. Just gross.

The idea of a Shapiro-Kimmel debate was quite popular on Twitter: